How To Get Respect From Dachshunds?

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How To Get Respect From DachshundsDachshunds, commonly known as Wiener dogs or Doxie, originate from the hunting hound family. This explains their highly alert behavior and a sharp sense of smell too. Their life span is about 12 to 14 years.

These furry little pets make perfect companions because of their compatibility and adjusting nature. They are playful, highly energetic, and perfect for cuddling with!

Getting respect from Dachshunds

Dachshunds have a hound origin, which makes them look for a person-in-charge. That is, you’ll often find these pets looking for the person who gives them orders and/or tames them. They need such a figure to adjust to the house well.

So, for them to respect you, they first need to feel comfortable, and you need to gain their trust. Since they are hyperactive dogs, they need you to be calm as well as firm with them.

They will start feeling more adjusting with you once you have some authority over them and are sweet to them too. These furry friends need to feel that you will protect them from danger. This is how they will start respecting you more.

How smart can Dachshunds be?

Dachshunds are proven to be amongst the intelligent dog breeds. They rank 92 out of 138 when it comes to intelligence. These pets have an average IQ. However, since they come from a hunting background, they have quick reflexes, and their situation analyzing characteristics is very high.

They are often underestimated in this area because they are hard to train. The real reason behind this, these furry pets are stubborn and persistent. However, they are completely independent, and this is what gives them an edge over others while following commands.

Their response rate with proportion to their intelligence is about 50%. Dachshunds do take a while to understand your commands and adhere to them. But, once they do, their reaction time is unbeatable.

They are slow catchers but extremely high interpreters. Having a Dachshund can seem to be a bit challenging while training one. But, you should remain calm and patient because the results are always worth it!

How to get a Dachshund to like you?

These tiny adorable dogs rely on physical elements for affection. They love having toys that make sound and are bigger than them. To get them to like you, you will need to shower these pups with loads of cuddles (and who doesn’t like that?).

Dachshunds grow a liking towards a person over a period of time, and they take their own time with it. Give them colorful, big, and lively toys with soft cushiony pillows/beds to play with.

Also, top it up with your hugs and physical affection, and they’ll start liking you more than anyone else! They also love traveling and rarely tend to develop motion sickness like most breeds. Their ideal play idea is to chase butterflies and run around with squirrels on a sunny day rather than sit in and sleep.

Choose to spend time with your little Dachshund and spend as much time together. The more you are in their sight, the familiar they grow towards you fond of you.

How to get a Dachshund to like kids?

It is a proven theory that states that if dogs see a thing/person taller than their eye vision approaching them, they directly switch to defense mode. This makes them susceptible to attack the person if not handled with care. Hence, dogs have always had a special connection

with kids and toddlers because they feel they are responsible for the kids. Since Dachshunds are a stubborn breed, it is better to introduce them to kids when they are just a puppy. As a puppy, they cannot attack and are also given a brief period to get used to the kids.

Summing up

When you meet an adult Dachshund, stay still, and not move much until they have sniffed you enough. Any sort of movement can trigger an attack in the initial stage. Once your Dachshund sniffs you and understands you are not a threat, it gets easy for the pet to develop a liking towards you in a matter of hours.

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