How To Potty Train A Chihuahua?

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How To Potty Train A ChihuahuaChihuahuas are very adorable dogs and will give all the love that you deserve. If you own one, you’ll notice that though they are small and feisty, they can be quite sneaky. This means that you will get unfortunate surprises quite often if you don’t potty train your pet early on.

Chihuahuas can be hard to potty train, but it is necessary to do so, for their sake and yours. Furthermore, there are many things to consider when training a Chihuahua. The fact that they despise going outdoors or their stubborn and aggressive behavior also comes to play. Here we break down efficient ways to excel at potty training your Chihuahua so that you can be worry-free right from the start!

Methods of potty training a Chihuahua

There are various methods that we recommend when it comes to training Chihuahuas. An important thing to note is that they do not respond well to negative reinforcement, so stick to the rewards.

Creating a routine

Creating a routine helps Chihuahuas understand and learn to toilet train. Writing and sticking to a schedule for going about their business helps train the bladder to relieve at specific intervals. This is not only good in terms of training but also healthy for your dog.

Chihuahuas can be reluctant to go outdoors, especially in the winter months. Supervised routines can get them accustomed to doing their business outside rather than creating a mess inside your home as well.

Reward system

As we mentioned earlier, positive reinforcement works great on a Chihuahua. Let your pet dog out for bathroom breaks or create a designated bathroom area. Each time your dog uses it, hand them a reward for good behavior.

You can also follow a crate system for when you’re not at home. This helps them to use the outdoors as they consider the crate their sleeping area where they’re less likely to pee.

Puppy pads

Puppy pads are specially made for puppies to help train them. The pad cleaning and changing should take place regularly, and you can stick treats around to lure your dog to it. Ensure that you don’t move it around, as this may get confusing.

Due to the stubborn and aggressive nature of Chihuahuas, puppy pads should only be considered a last resort. It is difficult to wean them off of the pads, and taking a smelly pad everywhere with you is less than ideal.

How to potty train a Chihuahua puppy?

A Chihuahua puppy should begin potty training as early as eight weeks. Their stubbornness and behavior form early in their life and tends to stick. Any of the methods mentioned above can get your puppy accustomed to potty training.

However, negative reinforcement may scare your puppy to the point that its health may get affected. Be gentle and provide plenty of treats, and you should have no problem with potty training your puppy.

How to potty train a Chihuahua senior?

An adult Chihuahua is generally potty trained. The challenge arises when they are not. Your pet might have accustomed itself to life without potty training, and a change in that routine has to carefully instill itself.

 Get your Chihuahua senior to potty train through double the rewards or find increasingly clever ways to create a routine.

Summing up

Potty training is one of the primary aspects to pay attention to when you get a dog. With a Chihuahua, this might seem like a tough battle to win, but the rewards are so much sweeter. Your pet Chihuahua is a tough cookie to break a routine into. However, once done, they are obedient and well-mannered, and you will love them more for it.

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