How To Potty Train A Dachshund?

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How To Potty Train A DachshundDachshunds make adorable pets for families with children and elders. Pint-sized with short feet, Dachshunds are also commonly referred to as sausage/wiener dogs. Bold yet curious to explore new adventures, a Dachshund will always be on his toes!

Choosing a Dachshund as a pet is a smart choice. These tiny canines are energetic and pleasant. Dachshunds are adorable to look at and easy to form bonds with.

Potty training is an essential part of having a pet. So, it’s better to train you Dachshund before they start messing up your carpet and furniture. Although at first, your sausage Dachshund pup might need a little extra push for potty training.

How to potty train a Dachshund puppy?

Young Dachshund pups are easy to train. These young canines are full of energy and are astonishingly fierce. We have outlined a few things you can follow for training your lovable Dachshund to answer nature’s call!

Watch for signs that your Dachshund needs to go pee or poop.

If your Dachshund pup is sniffing, circling, or squatting, then say a firm ‘no’ and take them outside.

Take your Dachshund to the same place or spot.

Mark the spot with a smear of your Dachshund’s poop so that they can sniff and find their way back.

Reward your Dachshund for peeing and pooing outside the house

Give high-quality small treats like cheese cubes or chicken pieces.

Follow the same daily routine.

Learn your Dachshund’s potty routine and follow it consistently.

Don’t punish your Dachshund puppy for accidents.

Stay calm and clean up after any accidents by your Dachshund puppy. If you punish them, Dachshunds will get confused.

Use a crate for housetraining your Dachshund at night.

Secure your Dachshund puppy in a crate to avoid any accidents through the night.

How to potty train a Dachshund senior?

Dachshunds are willful and can get set in their ways. It can get too tedious and exhausting to potty train an older Dachshund. However, you can try training your Dachshund senior with patience and consistency. We have a few tricks that will help you get your Dachshund senior trained for pooping and peeing outside.

Changes can cause your Dachshund senior to feel out of place. If you’ve had some major life changes like moving into a new space or having a baby, then it might make your Dachshund stressed. These changes might make your Dachshund do ‘marking’ that is peeing in different areas of the house to establish territory.

What you should do is take your Dachshund out regularly and crate him for short periods. This will get your Dachshund senior back on routine.

If your Dachshund senior keeps having accidents at night, maybe he has too much in his bladder. Try to make your Dachshund senior pee just before going to bed. You can also make sure that your Dachshund’s last meal of the day is at least five hours before bedtime.

If you think your Dachshund is nervous, then make him sleep in the crate. This will make your furry friend feel safe and also avoid any accidents.

When it comes to older canines, it is always better to seek the opinion of a veterinarian to rule out any serious ailments. If you still face any issues with your Dachshund senior, we recommend you try using Dachshund diapers.

To Sum It Up!

If you have a Dachshund pet who is stinking up the house with his pee and poop, then now is the time to train them! You need a little patience and consistency to achieve amazing results from your cute Dachshund best friend. Try these easy tricks to help you train your Dachshund to control his bladder.

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