How To Potty Train A Great Pyrenees?

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How To Potty Train A Great PyreneesSo you have a furry little ball of joy, who spreads smiles, laughter, companionship, and bits of poop all over the house. Not ideal, we know. Great Pyrenees dogs are often reputed as stubborn when it comes to potty training, but that should not bring you down. 

If dealt with patience, encouragement, and care, your dog will eventually get potty trained. It might take some time, but by implementing certain methods properly, we promise your dog will get there.

If you are looking for methods to potty train your Great Pyrenees, continue reading!

How to potty train a Great Pyrenees puppy?

Take it outside

The most important thing is to continually take your puppy to the area you want them to eliminate. Puppies need to be taken out every hour or two hours in the beginning(even at night!).

Your fluff ball might not always relieve themselves when you take them out, but it reduces the chances of them going inside your house. Plus, they will soon associate the outside with excreting waste.

Establish command words

Another trick is to repeat a word while they’re eliminating to later use that as a command. The most common word is ‘potty’. We recommend saying your word repeatedly in an encouraging tone,  while your Great Pyrenees poops so that eventually you can use it as a command when you go out.

Limit free mobility in your house

Now we know this step might be a little heartbreaking, as it is fun to let your puppy roam around, but you cannot leave your puppy unattended in the beginning. Unless you are playing, grooming, feeding, or interacting with your puppy, keep it secured either in a crate or by using puppy doors.

Praises and Treats

An essential part of training your dog is positive reinforcement. Praising your pup just after it finishes eliminating with treats, belly rubs, and words of encouragement are very important. It makes your puppy excited about going outside and relieving themselves. However, it is essential not to bring out the treat while they’re eliminating. This can distract them and stop them.

Understanding your pup’s ‘tell’

Most puppies have a ‘tell’ when they want to go potty. It can be something subtle, from tugging on their favorite blanket, to an all-out bark session at the door. It is vital to catch this tell and act on it every time your puppy exhibits it by taking them out. Sometimes it can take some time for your furry friend to develop a tell, so don’t get frustrated!

How to potty train a Great Pyrenees senior?

For families with adult rescues, or simply puppies that never got housetrained, it can be frustrating to have an adult dog pooping in the house. We have good news! It’s not difficult to housetrain an adult Great Pyrenees! Using the same methods as for a puppy, you can easily get your giant furry white dog to eliminate outside.

Track their bowel

One additional way to train big dogs is to track their potty schedule. Most old dogs have a fixed schedule as compared to puppies. It’s important to know that schedule and take your dog out during those times.

To sum up

If all these methods don’t work, we recommend getting your dog checked by a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer! Independent and majestic, Great Pyrenees dogs need to be carefully housetrained to become well adjusted to domestic and social life. And while this might seem like a daunting task, with patience, your dog will get there!


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