How To Potty Train A Maltipoo?

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How To Potty Train A MaltipooHow often have you wished to wake up one day and not find dog poop on a carpet or some corner of your home? Your Maltipoo is a cute little dog, and though you absolutely adore it, its potty training could be driving you crazy.

Potty training sure requires a lot of patience, but with Maltipoos, you are at an advantage. These dogs are agile by nature, making them smart and easier to train.

So now, if you are wondering what the right way to train your Maltipoo is, we’ve got it covered in this article!

How to potty train a Maltipoo puppy?

You can start potty training your Maltipoo puppy from the age of 8-12 weeks because that is when it will begin picking up habits. With a little patience and consistent training, your puppy should ideally take 2-3 months to be completely trained. However, it is essential that you have reasonable expectations and give time and space for the puppy to get accustomed to its new home.

To potty train a puppy Maltipoo, take it out frequently and definitely after a while of being in confinement. Let your puppy find a favorable area and take it there every time.

A Maltipoo puppy will experience bowel movement 15-20 minutes after eating. Make sure to walk it out then. A 2-month-old Maltipoo will need to pee every 2 hours and three months old- every 3 hours and so on. Don’t expect your dog to hold it in for longer than that.

Another important part of the training is to notice your dog’s behavior. It may whine, bark, circle in rounds, or pace quickly when it wants to relieve itself. That’s your cue. You can use positive enforcement and treat your puppy once it has pooped at the right spot. Additionally, you can also use poppy pads if your dog is having trouble with controlling its bladder.

Remember to never scold or punish your dog if it accidentally goes inside. Your puppy will begin to associate it with pooping and will fear to do it in front of you. This could lead to more accidental pooping. Clean the accidents completely and use an enzyme cleaner to wipe it off, to prevent your pup from going back to that place again.

How to potty train a Maltipoo senior?

Senior dogs already have set habits, so you will need to work with them patiently. Before you proceed, it is important to check if the dog has any medical condition. Consult a vet to be sure of the problem, even if it is just new-place anxiety.

Even otherwise, if your dog has been with you for a long time but is pooping indoors now, it probably just needs its memory refreshed.

Your senior’s diet and meal timings should be appropriate for a Maltipoo of an older age.

Take it out frequently-first thing in the morning, after breakfast, after dinner, and a couple of times throughout the day to make it understand that pooping happens outside. If your dog doesn’t do it outside, do not leave it loose inside. Go out again after a few minutes.

It is essential that you are observant of your senior dog’s behavior. It could be giving you a cue by pacing fast or circling or whining.

Lastly, if nothing works out, you could resort to puppy pads for your senior. With a senior, however, it is advisable to stay away from treats as it may cause diabetes.

To sum up

Maltipoos are feisty, fun-loving dogs that are also kind and loyal. Potty training them is comparatively easy as they are intelligent dogs.

The key to successful potty training is to be extra patient with your dog. Your little companion wants to do the things right for you, and it is trying. All it needs is a little support and tolerance from you until it can make it work!


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