How to Potty Train a Yorkipoo?

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How To Potty Train A YorkipooYorkipoos are highly affectionate and easy to train breed of dogs. They tend to be intelligent, smart, friendly, and eager to please. So, training them is not a big challenge.

A Yorkipoo’s training process depends on its size and personality traits. Depending on these factors, you may dedicate time and decide a place to train it.

Since dogs are just like family members to their owners, so treat these cuties as your own kids and spend proper time, love, and affection on training them. Train them with positivity and cheer them up at every step. This way, they will learn quickly and happily.

Jumping on to the Potty Training of a Yorkipoo, they usually poop after five to thirty minutes of their meal. So, plan their training accordingly. Let us look into how to train a puppy and an adult Yorkipoo.

How to Potty Train a Yorkipoo puppy?

Train these cute puppies just like you teach your kids to walk and run. Since Yorkipoos have small bladders, they can’t hold it for too long. So, try teaching them to poop in puppy pads instead of taking them out.

Puppies must be trained to poop indoors in pads. This requires some steps to be followed in order:

  1. Place a series of pads on the ground, in a quiet corner, away from food and water.
  2. Take your pet to the pads after ten to twenty minutes of their meal.
  3. Train them with a specific verbal command, like- “Potty Time” or “Poop Time.”
  4. Continue step 3 until your pet eliminates exclusively.
  5. Praise and love your pet. Do not scold them if they spoil the floor.
  6. Reduce the number of pads used with the passage of time until it learns to poop on the same corner and litterless.

Note – Always try to stick to the same designated place for your puppy to poop.

How to Potty Train a Yorkipoo Senior?

When puppies are being nursed and trained, they tend to learn from their mothers to eliminate away from where they eat and sleep. But, with the passage of time, your adult Yorkipoo may have forgotten her mother’s teachings. So, it can be trained again with a repeated schedule and a positive attitude.

Take your pet to the same spot every day to relieve itself. Let the pet decide a place outside the house, where it feels comfortable. Try not to change the spot to let them learn.

Stay calm until it is done. Try motivating your pet and make it less stressful for it to perform this activity every day. Unlike a puppy Yorkipoo, do not give commands that rush her to do her business.

Ignore the mistakes it makes. Give it time to learn. Stick to the same schedule every day, until it no longer makes mistakes and remembers the spot to poop, all by herself.

Note – Do not rush away or give any such commands that may pressurize your pet while pooping.

To Sum Up

Yorkipoos are intelligent and quick learners. Training them is not a tough job. But still, it requires time, love, and a lot of affection.

Treat them like your kids and train them accordingly. They might make a mess today, but surely learn to keep the surroundings clean tomorrow. Always remember, they do have brains to learn and grow.

Always stick to a particular schedule and place to poop. Avoid changing places. Your Yorkipoo will learn quickly then.


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