How To Potty Train An Affenpinscher?

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How To Potty Train An AffenpinscherAffenpinschers are ideal apartment dogs thanks to their small size, cuteness, and loyalty. However, having your little dog poop all over the place is not a pleasant sight. Therefore having your Affenpinscher potty trained is necessary.

Are you having trouble potty training your Affenpinscher? Affenpinschers are known for their brief attention span, which makes it challenging to potty train them. However, if trained the right way, these dogs adapt pretty quickly.

Continue reading to know more about how you can potty train your adorable Affenpinscher.

Tips to keep in mind while potty training an Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers are friendly dogs and bond with their owners easily. Once you have befriended your Affenpinscher, pay attention to your dog. They always paw you, or bark, or simply look at you

 as a signal that its time for them to relieve themselves.

Do not rush or force your dog into training as it can be stressful, and your dog doesn’t deserve that. Also, avoid using pet diapers all the time, as they can become a habit.

Try to avoid giving your dog water 2-4 hours before bed. Keeping a fixed schedule for feeding your dog is also very beneficial. The quantity and quality of food for your Affenpinscher vary according to their age. We advise you to consult a vet while deciding your dog’s diet.

How to potty train an Affenpinscher puppy?

Potty training your Affenpinscher at an early age can be very fruitful. They are independent and grasp things quickly. However, since they get distracted very easily, having shorter and frequent training sessions is advisable.

Establish a routine

Young Affenpinschers between the age of 6 months to 18 months need to relieve themselves up to five times a day. As you bond with your Affenpinscher, try to establish a routine wherein you will feed and take it to poop at regular intervals.

Make a designated spot

If you are taking your Affenpinscher out for potty training, establish a regular area. This will enable your Affenpinscher to do its business at that “potty space” only. Take your Affenpinscher to its designated potty spot as soon as it wakes up, and after every nap.

Positive enforcement

After successful potty training instances, reward your dog with a treat. But be careful not to give it excess treats as they are known to cause obesity. Remember, they are young puppies and will need obedience training. Positive enforcement can be a great option, especially for younger puppies. The reward need not only be treats. Your hugs and encouragement can make your puppy very happy as well.

How to potty train an Affenpinscher senior?

There is a myth that we cannot teach old dogs new tricks. What if we told you that is far from true? You can always potty train your Affenpinscher despite its age. The trick is to establish a routine, so they get used to it. 

To establish a routine with your adult Affenpinscher, take them out for potty when they wake up first thing in the morning.  A senior dog already has its routine habits of pooping. It takes a lot of patience to train your dog at this age. The key is to reward your dog each time it poops at the correct place or time.

If you notice any irregularities in your senior dog’s potty, make sure to visit a vet as it may indicate a disease.

To sum up

Over time, your Affenpinscher will get familiar with the potty training process. The key to potty train your Affenpinscher is to befriend them and build a wonderful relationship. Be it a puppy or senior Affenpinscher; you can train it with shorter and frequent training.

Avoid punishing or forcing your Affenpinscher while potty training it as that might affect its mental health, leading to more problems. Be patient with your cute furry friend, and it will do its best not to disappoint you!


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