How To Potty Train An Afghan Hound?

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How To Potty Train An Afghan HoundThe Afghan Hound is known for its elegance that sets it apart from other dog breeds. These unique dogs are one of the oldest purebred dog breeds! They were originally known as “Tazi” in Afghanistan.

They were initially trained to hunt large prey in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan. This is where their abundant coat was needed for warmth. For this reason, Afghan Hounds are known for their bravery and independent nature.

If you have recently adopted an Afghan Hound and don’t want him to make a mess, he needs the right potty training. You have come to the right place!

How to potty train an Afghan Hound puppy?

Housetraining an Afghan Hound puppy requires patience, but it is essential. Here are a few ways to potty train your puppy. 

1. Positive reinforcement

Take your puppy to our yard or whether you want him to eliminate frequently as puppies defecate more than adults. Guide him to the particular spot that you want him to eliminate regularly. Once this location is established, praise your pup every time he goes to the right place to eliminate. You may also give him treats if he does it in the right place.

2. Signal training

Once your pup becomes a little older, signal training can be an effective potty training technique. You can probably understand his body language after a few months and use this indication to take him out to eliminate. Alternatively, you could place a bell where it would be easy for him to reach. You could teach him to push it or use his paw to pat it if he wants to go outside to defecate.

3. Avoid scolding

Shouting or hitting your Afghan Hound puppy will be of no use while potty training. If he is about to eliminate inside the house, a stern “No” will startle him and prevent him from making a mess in the house. Scolding will be associated with punishment once you return from outside, and this does more harm than good. 

How to potty train an Afghan Hound senior?

Adult Afghan Hounds are easier to train as they understand commands better than puppies. Their bladder control is also impeccable. Here are some tips to consider while potty training your adult dog.

1. Use a crate

Since Afghan Hounds enjoy having their own space, a crate is a good investment for their personal den. Since he sleeps in the crate, he will not eliminate inside it. When you take him to the yard, and he does not defecate, immediately put him in his crate to avoid a mess inside. When he is ready to poop, he will scratch and bark, and you can take him out again.

2. Establish a schedule

Feeding times should be fixed and limited to about 15 minutes. After this, his bowl should be taken away, whether it is empty or not. Avoid free-choice feeding as his elimination schedule will go haywire. A fixed routine will keep his system on a schedule and minimizes accidents.

3. Understand body language

Your adult Afghan Hound may sniff around, whine, pace, or leave the room when he wants to eliminate. Acknowledge these signals and take him out immediately. Your pup may not give signals as overt as barking or scratching, and thus you should look out for his body language. 


An Afghan Hound can be indifferent but is extremely amusing when he is in the mood to give affection. He is mischievous yet charming and is the perfect independent pet. Afghan Hounds don’t respond well to harshness and, thus, ensure that you use positive reinforcement while potty training him. This wonderful breed is a delight to raise!


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