How To Properly Exercise A Dachshund?

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How To Properly Exercise A DachshundThe Dachshunds belong to the hound family and are well known for their courage and mighty spirit. While getting a Dachshund, one of the few things you must consider is their daily exercise and training needs. 

Don’t mistake your furry friend’s short legs and a long body for a lazy one. They have natural instincts of chasing, fighting, and attacking, according to the stimulus. Basing their exercises on their natural behavior proves to improve their health and life-span.

Also, it keeps their behavioral issues in check and instills calmness in them. Proper physical and mental exercises also keep them happy and improve their bonding with you. However, you must carefully choose their exercise routines, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this article.

The exercise needs and capacity of dachshund

Before starting with training your dachshund, you must make sure that your canine friend is ready. Some Dachshunds have IVDD, which is a common genetic back disease in this breed. In that case, it’s best to avoid any strenuous activity.

Once you are sure that your dachshund is ready for the drill, you start planning on their running routine. But you might think, “How much exercise does my dog need?”.

For this, we have answered some queries for you to help you understand your dog’s needs better. Continue reading to know more!

When can I run a dachshund?

Normally a dachshund likes running exercises, but of course not every dog is the same. Only you or your veterinarian can find this out. However, you must start with running exercises at a slow and steady pace.

When your dog is too young, you must avoid any strenuous and running exercise until it is fully developed. This can put its fragile limbs and joints to strain or might even damage them in extreme cases.

So, when should you start running exercises for your dachshund? Well, it depends on its exact condition. If the regular walks and the current pace does not tire it anymore, it must be time to increase the pace and start with runs.

How fast can a dachshund run?

Dachshunds are short in height but really great runners. They are pretty speedy and enjoy chasing and hunting activities. The natural instincts and reflexes of this breed always keep them quick on their feet.

An adult and healthy dachshund can run up to 31 kph (15-20 mph). However, their build restricts them from running far off distances. So, you will find them running in sharp fleeting bursts instead of long steady sprints.

But you must take care that you don’t run your pet along the road. Dachshunds specifically lack fine road sense and thus should always be taken to fenced open areas. Such a place would allow them to freely frolic until they get tired and stop.

How long can a dachshund run?

These hound dogs aren’t the right long-distance running partner for your daily runs. Their short limbs put a strain on their body if they try to push further than their limit. Dachshunds get tired quickly and might require frequent breaks.

They require up to 30-60 minutes of routine exercises that can match their pace and enhance their instinctive abilities. This will not only be productive for your pet’s growth but will also build up a bond of trust between you two.

While you must start with short distances, you can keep increasing the distance slowly with time. A tireless or anxious behavior of your pet might be an indication that your dachshund requires a little more exertion.

Bottom line

Dachshunds are quick and cheerful little creatures. A structured environment with routine exercises allows mental stimulation in them and helps in releasing their excess energies. However, before making any frantic decision that can be physically strenuous, make sure to consult your vet.

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