How To Properly Exercise A Jack Russell Terrier?

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How To Properly Exercise A Jack Russell TerrierJack Russells need loads of exercise and regular training. Otherwise, they may act out in undesired ways. They tend to have a high energy level and are active both indoors and outdoors. 

If you own a JRT, you would know how hyper they can get without exercise! Because of their hyperactive tendency, they need numerous walks daily or a lot of good games in your backyard. Anything that can keep them active and help them vent out their energy somewhere.

Jack Russells will keep you engaged and active all the time, which is why we love them. Continue reading to know how you can engage your JRT in exercises that are perfect for it!

When can I run a Jack Russell Terrier?

When you have a Terrier puppy, your main focus should be to give them proper nutrition. And also, a healthy amount of exercise, but not too much. This helps them build strong bones.

Since this breed is small in size, they grow into their full framework very fast. However, to take them out for extensive runs is best when they are at least six months old. This is a safe age for them because by then, they have a firm and active body.

Before you start taking them out for runs, make sure to properly train your Russell Terrier to run with you. This will give you the ability to read your dog’s body language. Therefore, you can easily figure out if there is a shift of attention or any other warning sign.

How fast can a Jack Russell Terrier run?

Jack Russell Terriers are a fast and stubborn bunch. If you are in the misconception that this breed is lazy, don’t let their size fool you.

These dogs have an ample amount of energy-packed inside them. A healthy and fit Jack Russel Terrier can reach a speed of 25mph. Yes, you heard that right!

Russell Terriers tend to have these short bursts of energy while running, and once it is all let out, they go back to a normal run. In the thousands of years of its existence, this breed has not once lost its confidence, bold attitude, stubbornness, agility, or endurance.

How long can a Jack Russell Terrier run?

Most of the time, Jack Russells run depending on their mood, but often it is also because of their endurance. Some days they will run with a speed that you cannot match up to. While on other days, they will feel like having a leisurely jog rather than an exhausting run. 

Now, small dogs often have more energy and can run longer than their larger cousins. Most Jack Russell terriers can easily run up to 10 miles per day. You can start with a 1 mile run for the first few days and increase the distance if your dog finds it comfortable enough for its body to endure.

Keep in mind that dogs need an adjustment period, just like humans. So make sure that you test their speed and capability to run. Remember, Jack Russells can be quite hyperactive, so it is best to keep them in a leash to avoid any mishaps.

To Sum up

You can take your Jack Russell on a hike, or play a long game of fetch and it will beat your energy with its high metabolism and speed. However, if you’re a couch potato and not much into strenuous activities, this is not the dog for you. 

If you’re the lucky owner of a Jack Russell, we suggest you always walk your dog on a leash to prevent it from running after other animals or cars. A maximum of 30 to 45 minutes of strenuous activity daily can keep them tired and out of trouble.