How To Properly Exercise A Maltipoo?

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How To Properly Exercise A MaltipooMaltipoo is a mixed breed of Maltese and Poodle. Hence, the name! Both the breeds are affectionate welcoming dog breeds.

No doubt, Maltipoo is mostly an indoor companion dog. Yet, for the maintenance of good health and immunity, regular exercise is needed. We suggest you consider the age of your puppy before jumping in on an exercise schedule.

If you are finding ways on how to make your Maltipoo stay fit and get its daily dose of exercise, then you have come to the right place. While we lead you through and suggest ways to exercise your dog, do consult your vet on your next visit so your little bundle of joy will stay healthy. 

When can I run a Maltipoo?

Exercising a Maltipoo is easier than you think. By the time it reaches twelve to fourteen weeks, it is capable of going out for walks and playing games in and around the house. 

A regular schedule of a total of 40 minutes of physical activity per day is ideal. However, Maltipoos are delicate dogs. So it is best to walk the dog rather than making it run. The walk/jog being twice a day would be ideal for your Maltipoo.

Further, try different combinations to divide the 40 minutes to make it more exciting for your dog. You could opt for two sessions of 20 minutes each, or a 15 minutes jog in the morning and a 25 minutes walk in the evening. Choose according to your working time and convenience, and divide accordingly.

Remember not to exceed the exercise time, or exert them too much. Just enough exercise for keeping your dog healthy and fit is perfect.

How fast can a Maltipoo run?

Well, your Maltipoo is more of a companion dog than a security one. They have a slower pace of about 10-11mph. Good enough for a regular fitness exercise jog, isn’t it? 

However, we suggest that you don’t make your dog run regularly at that speed to avoid breathing problems or over-exercise issues. Small jogs or calm walks are best for Maltipoos. Your Maltipoo is definitely going to jump and run in between the walks whenever it gets excited. So, just enjoy a casual walk.

You should not expect your tiny, fluffy, affectionate companion to chase like a service dog. Your dog is good at a slower pace. However, make sure to have your dog on a leash at all times, though they are not fast runners. Otherwise, you might be risking its safety.

How long can a Maltipoo run?

These small breed indoor dogs are better not recommended for long strolls or hikes. Excessive utilization of energy can cause destructive behavior in Maltipoos.

Avoid engaging in long hours of runs or walks. Engage in a routine as gentle as your little Maltipoo. We wouldn’t suggest engaging more than 40 minutes of exercise in a whole day.

According to the season, regulate your timings of outdoor exercise with it. Allow your dog to explore indoor games as well. However, never leave your Maltipoo alone for long hours.

Is your dog active indoors? Then avoid more than 15-20 minutes of daily exercise outdoors.

Summing up

An active, friendly dog like a Maltipoo serves the purpose of a perfect companion dog.  Engaging in physical exercise with your dog will not only keep it fit but also strengthen your bond. A little care up to 14 weeks at least is needed before you can take it outdoors for walks.

With Maltipoos, you must keep in mind that they are delicate dogs. So do not exert them too much. Remember, they are more of the joggers than the sprinters!


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