How To Properly Exercise An Afghan Hound?

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How To Properly Exercise An Afghan HoundThe Afghan Hound is a majestic-looking breed. It features a gorgeous silky coat and a lean build. These purebred beauties find their roots in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Even though they might look calm and sophisticated, they’re one of the fastest breeds!

Afghan Hounds are darlings when it comes to adapting to any atmosphere. They’re also quite loving and friendly. All you need to do is to maintain their beautiful coat, exercise them, and you have a happy hound!

This breed is also a powerhouse of energy. Afghan Hounds need tons of exercise to put their high-energy personalities to use. They’re easy to train and a delight to play with! Considering getting an Afghan Hound home? Read on further to find out about their running ability and exercise requirements.

What exercise does an Afghan Hound need?

Afghan hounds are no trouble at all while exercising or training. Running is all they require to stay fit. They love sprinting about, jumping, leaping across obstacles, etc. Running keeps them entertained as well as keeps them healthy.

The best way to exercise your Afghan Hound is to take them on long walks or hikes. They have strong muscles and don’t tire easily. So if you’re racking your brain to find new workouts for your dog, all you need to do is stop and get their leash out!

When can I run an Afghan Hound?

Afghan hounds have a tall, strong build. They’re known to be some of the fastest runners compared to other breeds. These high-energy fur buddies love to put their muscles to use at any time of the day. What’s more, running seems to be their favorite energy-burner.

Even though the running power of Afghan hounds is no secret, it is recommended to introduce them to running when they’re slightly older. Puppies have very delicate muscles and should not run before six months of age.

Six to eight months is the ideal time for your Hound to start long-distance running. Can’t wait to run your dog? Feed them right and train them well!

How fast can an Afghan Hound run?

Afghan hounds are not just ultra-fast, they also have a swift and agile movement. They have a unique hip structure. It gives them the right boost while running on uneven terrains. They’re great at making quick, sharp turns on mountain slopes.

The speed at which an Afghan hound runs is no joke. They can run up to speeds of 40 mph, which is slightly lesser than that of the world’s fastest horses! We’re guessing only Usain Bolt can match up to their speed!

How long can an Afghan Hound run?

Afghan hounds have moderate to high energy levels. They must exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes a day. Afghan hounds have a natural hunting instinct, so long-distance running is the least of their concerns.

This breed can run and play for more than an hour without getting too tired. It is good to exercise your Hound daily to maintain a healthy workout routine.

Summing Up

Legend says that Afghan Hounds were the only species of dogs to be saved on Noah’s Ark. Given their rich legacy, these dogs are a delight to have as a pet. They’re affectionate, independent, and extremely intelligent.

Afghan Hounds are great in any environment. Even though they belong to rough terrains, they’re very gentle and pose no trouble while you train them. They love being outdoors and can give you long hours of company on hikes and treks.

If you’re going to be the lucky owner of an Afghan hound, we’re sure you’re equipped with all the exercise info you need to keep your dogs hale and hearty!


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