How To Properly Exercise Yorkipoo?

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How To Properly Exercise YorkipooYorkipoos are one of the cutest dogs, known for their shart and charming personality. They are also very agile breeds for their size. Because of their compact and cuddly size, many wonder how much exercise these dogs can do.

If you own a Yorkipoo and are wondering how to properly exercise your dog to keep it fit, continue reading!

Exercising a Yorkipoo

But before we go any further, let’s first understand why your Yorkipoo needs exercise.

  • Yorkipoos are very energetic dogs. A short exercise session helps to release any pent up energy that could make your dog restless.
  • Exercise helps build your dog’s muscles. It also helps reduce joint pain, especially in small dogs like Yorkipoos.
  • Your dog’s heart benefits from regular exercise.
  • It keeps the metabolism at a healthy rate. An overweight Yorkipoo can have several problems caused by too much exertion on its tiny legs.

There are mainly two kinds of exercise that your Yorkipoo needs to get.

Firstly, we have moderate exercise, such as going for walks at a steady rate. However, you need to take care that your dog doesn’t breathe too heavily. Secondly, your dog needs cardio, like chasing a ball or a Frisbee, to stay fit.

When can I run a Yorkipoo?

Since Yorkipoos are small dogs, you can start running them when they are a few months old. However, you need to keep in mind that your Yorkipoo should walk or run at the same time every day. Dogs naturally like to form habits. Hence, this helps them to feel more settled in their routine.

Generally speaking, you can take your dog out for a run anytime. But there are certain quirks of running at different times of the day.

  • Morning- This is the time when your dog should enjoy the longest walk. We say this because mornings are the best time for a dog to distress and relax. Furthermore, their senses are most sensitive at this time.
  • Noon- Yorkipoos are vulnerable to heat. Thus we recommend limiting the run at noontime.
  • Evening/ Night- We recommend taking your Yorkipoo for a short walk in the evening. However, stay away from noisy and crowded parks as these tiny dogs don’t think twice before getting into a fight with dogs twice their size.

How fast can a Yorkipoo run?

Yorkipoos take very short steps. However, they are energetic and run rather quickly. Hence, altogether their running speed comes to 10 miles an hour.

Also, they are smaller than most dogs. Consequently, they have less endurance, making running a bit of an ordeal. Although these are not the fastest dogs on the planet, they are certainly playful. If this energy is not used, they could turn cranky, which is something you should want to avoid.

Since these dogs cannot run very well, try introducing some additional exercises. You can teach your dog to jump through hoops or set an obstacle course. Think creative and personalize your dog’s routine.

How long can a Yorkipoo run?

Ideally, we don’t recommend running your Yorkipoo for more than 20-25 minutes at a stretch. Although they might seem energetic at all times, these dogs are not built for excessive running. However, they do enjoy brisk walks without losing their breath.

Make sure that you take your dog out for a walk at least once a day. Also, you can indulge your Yorkipooin some cardio, like playing fetch. Do this for 20 minutes once a week with one or two breaks in between.

One last thing to keep in mind is to not use a collar but a harness instead. This is because small dogs can easily develop a collapsed trachea. Thus, the light pressure from a harness is best to avoid any accidents.

Summing up

Yorkipoos have all the energy needed to instantly brighten up a room. Thus, it is important to ensure that their fun spirit gets the outlet it needs.

Regular exercise with some cardio and games can go a long way in making your dog feel healthier and better. With these basics down, you and your Yorkipoo can start having fun in all the ways you’d like!


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