How to Protect Your Car from Sharp Dog Claws

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How To Protect Your Car From Sharp Dog ClawsDo you take your pooch with you everywhere you go? Are you planning a special outing, such as a hike through the woods (don’t forget to bring along a travel dog bowl for water and dog food, and a cooling vest for dogs if it’s going to be hot!)? Or, do you just have to take your furry friend to the vet, groomer, or kennel?  Wherever you’re going, if your pup is going to be traveling in your car, if his nails are sharp, you’re going to want to take precautions to protect the upholstery in your vehicle.

Your canine companion may get super excited whenever he goes on a car ride, or he may cower in fear (you can calm his nerves with dog calming apparel or CBD oil for dogs). Either way, if his claws are sharp, they can do some serious damage to your vehicle. How can you prevent your upholstery from being torn up? Here are some handy tips to try…

Trim His Nails

You should always keep your pup’s nails neat and trim, even if car rides aren’t a part of his normal routine. If they grow too long, your pup can suffer some serious problems; and if you’re planning on taking him in your car, your upholstery can sustain some serious damage.

Using a sturdy pair of nail clippers for dogs, you can trim your furry friend’s nails yourself. How short should you trim them? When your pup is standing up, his nails should not touch the ground, so if you can hear them tapping when he walks, they’re too long. However, do make sure that you use caution while you’re giving your canine companion a pedicure. Each nail contains a vein and nerve, which is referred to as the quick. If you snip through the quick, your pup is going to bleed and he’s going to be in a good bit of pain. If you’re too afraid to trim your dog’s nails on your own, or your dog puts up a big fight, make an appointment with your veterinarian or a groomer for a pedicure.

Use a Car Seat

Even if your pup’s nails are nice and trim, they can still damage your car. A dog car seat will not only prevent your upholstery from being damaged, but it will also give your pooch a safe and secure place to sit while he’s traveling. Make sure you choose one that will comfortably accommodate your furry friend; there are various options to choose from.

Cover the Seats

If you have a giant breed, you may have a difficult time finding a car seat that he can fit into; or, maybe your pup just doesn’t like the idea of sitting in a designated seat. Either way, using a dog car seat cover or a dog furniture cover will protect your upholstery from those sharp nails. If you are going to use a seat cover, make sure you strap your four-legged friend in with a dog seat belt. It will prevent your pet from roaming freely, which can be distracting for you and could result in injuries for your pooch.

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