How To Reduce Afghan Hound Shedding?

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How To Reduce Afghan Hound SheddingAfghan hounds are known for their silky hair and majestic look. With their long, shiny hair, it is assumed that these dogs will be a shedding nightmare.

Surprise! These dogs only have a single upper coat, which is good news, as it is mostly the undercoat that sheds. Afghan Hounds’ hair sheds moderately. It is closer to how human hair acts. It grows at a constant rate. Thes dogs require trimming once a while. Interestingly, they can also get split ends like us.

Continue reading to know more about how you can perfectly groom your Afghan Hound to reduce its shedding.

Shedding in Afghan Hounds

Though these dogs don’t shed much, there is a messy period that they go through. When transitioning from a puppy to an adult, their coats also change. Puppies have short, fluffed out hair. At around ten months of age, this coat starts shedding, and their new hair grows to be straighter, softer, and much longer.

In this month or so of transition,  you will see a lot of shedding. Once the adult coat has fully grown, they become light to moderate shedders. Of course, you still need to comb, bathe, and groom them.

Afghan Hounds require a considerable amount of grooming and care. We recommend going to a professional groomer for a haircut and a luxurious hair wash and spa every couple of months.

However, the payoff for all this time, effort, and patience is worth it. Afghan Hounds, if well-groomed, are indisputably one of the prettiest dogs out there. A good, silky long-haired coat will have a shine and grace that will leave everyone awestruck.

How often should I brush my Afghan Hound?

Unfortunately, even though they don’t shed a lot, they still are very high maintenance. Afghan Hound’s long hair is at the risk of getting tangled, matted and dirty pretty easily. This is mainly due to their coat being so fine.

Regular, even daily brushing and combing is considered necessary. It’s essential to brush your Afghan Hound’s hair in a downwards motion. You should softly take out any tangles. Be careful not to brush your little friend’s skin! 

You can even detangle their hair with your fingers or with a detangler solution before brushing. For grooming an Afghan Hound, you will need an oval pin brush. You should also get another pin brush for detangling major matted parts.

How often should I bathe my Afghan Hound?

Similar to brushing, Afghan Hounds also require frequent baths. It is recommended to bathe them at least once every two weeks, if not more often. 

To bathe your pet, you need to thoroughly wet its coat. Then, use a high-quality canine shampoo and lather it in your pet’s hair. After that, you must use a good conditioner and apply it in a downward motion.

To dry wet hair, you can either use a blow dryer or gently pat dry it with a towel. We suggest using a blow-dryer in the least warm setting. Never rub the towel on your furry friend’s hair since that can create more tangles.

Afghan Hounds have thin hair. Hence, it is beneficial to use oat-based hair products for your precious pooch.


Afghan Hounds make great show dogs for their immense beauty. These dogs are viral on social media. Termed as the “supermodels of dogs,” good grooming is essential for this breed. Grooming also leads to a happier and healthier dog.

With proper grooming, upkeep, and maintenance, you and your dog can shine together. Although they require frequent grooming, a well-groomed Afghan Hound is truly a beauty to look at.


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