How To Reduce Dachshund Shedding?

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How To Reduce Dachshund SheddingAre you looking to get an adorable Dachshund puppy but are unaware of how much it would shed? If you have allergies, then it’s best to host a pet that will not aggravate the allergy. We will help you get all the answers regarding Dachshund’s shedding and grooming!

All types of Dachshunds shed. Like all canines, Dachshunds also lose their old hair for new hair growth. However, compared to other breeds of dogs, Dachshunds are medium shedders. Moreover, if you have a wire-haired Dachshund, then the shedding is the least out of all types of Dachshunds.

When comparing the variety in the breed, smooth-haired Dachshunds lose their fur during the year. Whereas long-haired and wire-haired Dachshunds only shed twice a year.

Ways to Reduce Shedding in Dachshunds

To answer the question of reducing your Dachshund shedding, there are some things you could try. While shedding is a natural process, there are only so many things that you can do to control it. We have gone through a bunch of remedies to bring you the best solutions.

Nurture your Dachshund

Feeding your Dachshund right with a balanced diet will make a huge difference! By serving your Dachshund pet a good meal, you can keep the health of your furry best friend in check. This will also maintain the condition of his fur coat.

You can even switch your Dachshund’s diet to raw food to boost the coat condition. For reducing shedding, you can add fish oil, flaxseeds, or coconut oil to nourish the Dachshund’s skin.

Groom, your Dachshund

Human hair is quite similar to dog hair. It will shed if it is dry and brittle. So, consider taking extra good care of your sausage buddy’s coat! Grooming your Dachshund regularly will ensure the health of his coat is not compromised. You can easily groom your Dachshund at home by regularly brushing, bathing and trimming their fur.

How often should I brush Dachshund?

If you want to minimize or control the shedding of your wiener dog, then brushing it every few days will certainly help! By brushing your Dachshund’s hair regularly, you are getting rid of the dead fur.

If you brush your Dachshund’s hair regularly, the loose hair will end up on the brush and not all over the house. Brushing your Dachshund’s coat is also beneficial to boost the natural oil secretion, which will make their coat healthy and luscious.

Long and wire-haired types of Dachshunds need more work than smooth-haired dachshunds. As they have longer hair, which can carry more dirt, their hair is also more prone to shedding. So, as a rule of thumb, brush your Dachshund’s hair regularly every two or three days to remove any loose hair before it ends up on every piece of furniture in your home.

How often should I bathe Dachshund?

If your Dachshund’s fur is looking too oily or soiled, then it’s time to bathe your canine! Depending on how clean your Dachshund’s fur is, you will have to pace out the baths. However, if you want a rough idea, we recommend you bathe your Dachshund every three months.

The frequency of baths is the same for all varieties of Dachshunds. If you bathe your Dachshund too often, it will strip its fur of natural oils. The natural oils are responsible for keeping your pet’s fur shiny and healthy!

To Sum It Up!

Dachshunds are high-spirited and splendid canines. These lovable creatures don’t require a lot of maintenance. In the spirit of your Dachshund’s health, makes sure you groom these cuties regularly and thoroughly. We hope you try out these tricks and tips to take care of your lively sausage-shaped pets!

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