How To Reduce Great Pyrenees Shedding?

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How To Reduce Great Pyrenees SheddingGreat Pyrenees comes with a notion of “fur, fur everywhere”! While Great Pyrenees are magnificent breed, with luscious white fur, it shed quite a lot. From your casuals to your formals, shedding becomes a part of life when this long-haired, double-coated dog becomes a part of your family.

Well, if you are seeking ways to manage it, you’ve stopped at the right place! Continue reading to find out how you can reduce shedding in Great Pyrenees dogs.

Controlling shedding in Great Pyrenees dogs

While you cannot completely stop shedding in Great Pyrenees dogs, or any dogs for that matter, it can be controlled with proper care. Shedding in dogs can be due to several reasons, including health concerns.

It is advisable to visit a vet if your dog seems to shed an abnormal amount of coat.

Proper nutrition is essential to help reduce shedding. A healthy diet, with sufficient water intake, will help your furry friend retain its coat. Apart from this, grooming plays an important role. Brushing and bathing your dog from time to time will significantly help with the excess shedding.

How often should you brush Great Pyrenees?

Shedding in Great Pyrenees can be controlled to a large extent by brushing it. The main question that comes to the mind is how often you should brush. Too much brushing can remove essential oils from your dog’s skin. Try to do it 2-3 times a week. This will also help keep any parasites away.

A regular brush or a quality one?

It is always better to invest in quality brushes as you will get good use out of it.

There are plenty of brushes that just brush the surface and never go through the undercoat. Since Pyrenees have two layers of coat, it is advisable that you invest in a good, sturdy brush.

How often should you bathe Great Pyrenees?

Be it highly active dogs or lazy dogs; most dogs hate to take a bath. However, occasional baths are necessary when the dog’s coat is shedding. How often you should bathe your dog can vary as to how dirty your dog is. Once a week is generally good enough.

But bathing is just not only for shedding. It also matters for the Great Pyrenees’ health as it removes clotted and matted up fur. Be sure not to bathe it too often, as it will cause more shedding.

Fluffy, majestic, and double-coated dogs enjoy air drying after the bath. If your Great Pyrenees are not having one, then seriously, they are missing the fun. It also helps in getting rid of any dead fluff.

How often should you trim the Great Pyrenees?

Brushing and bathing are the main grooming factors to reduce your dog’s shedding. However, trimming your Great Pyrenees’ coat once in a while will help keep it healthy. Starting from the eyebrows to forefeet and legs, trimming, or grooming is a must for the Great Pyrenees.

As you know, they have double-coated straight or wavy hair that tends to shed everywhere in the house. Grooming is a must if you notice excessive shedding.

Summing up

The luscious white coat looks shiny and beautiful on Great Pyrenees, but as the saying goes, beauty requires attention. Hence, grooming of your dog from time to time can significantly help with the shedding. Apart from grooming, proper nutrition through a well-balanced diet is also necessary.

It is not completely possible to get rid of the shedding, but by following these basic tips, your fluffy friend’s shedding will be under control. If the shedding still continues, then you must visit the vet.


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