How To Reduce Maltipoo Shedding?

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How To Reduce Maltipoo SheddingThe Maltipoo is a cross between a toy poodle or a miniature poodle and a Maltese. These adorable dogs are a joy to have around the house and make for perfect companion pets.

Looking at these cute little fluff balls, it is easy to assume that they might shed quite a lot as they have a thick coat. However, that is far from the truth. These dogs are a blessing for people with allergies, as they don’t shed as much.

Although you cannot stop a dog from shedding, there are indeed some ways to help reduce excessive shedding. If you struggle with controlling your Maltipoo’s shedding, then continue reading, as we’ve got you covered!

Reasons for shedding in Maltipoos

It is essential to understand that the rate of shedding in a Maltipoo depends on the traits acquired by it from both the parent breeds. Poodles have a tendency to shed more than the Maltese. It relies on which genes the Maltipoo has acquired more. 

Excessive shedding can also be a result of an allergy that your dog might have. It is essential to spend some time finding out if that is indeed the case. Another reason for excessive shedding can be parasites, such as fleas, lice, or mites.

The food that you feed your dog plays a vital role in the growth of its coat. Unlike humans, a Maltipoo can grow its coat by consuming fancy sugar candies. A proper diet plan prescribed by your trusted vet will save your cute puppy from shedding a lot.

Regular grooming is another crucial step that you shouldn’t ignore. Brushing your Maltipoo multiple times throughout the week should be a routine. Irrespective of your dog’s hair type, regular brushing without fail will help to reduce shedding.

How often should I brush a Maltipoo?

If you own a Maltipoo, you already know how important it is to brush your dog in order to keep it looking great from top to bottom. Often dog owners get confused when they try to quantify the grooming sessions.

Now, it is essential to understand the hair type of the dog. Maltipoos with silky and straight hair are more suited to a double-sided pin brush and a bristle brush to detangle the hair and remove dirt. Maltipoos with thick and curly hair are more suited to a standard brush.

It is best to brush your Maltipoo two or three times a week. Although it is recommended to brush it regularly, excessive brushing can irritate your dog’s skin and cause more shedding.

Brushing, in one direction, from top to bottom, will evenly distribute oils and reduce shedding. Remember to be gentle while brushing your Maltipoo.

How often should I bathe a Maltipoo?

Although brushing a dog regularly is very important to keep its coat in good health, grooming consists of a lot of things like bathing, cleaning its teeth, etc.

But bathing any dog too frequently results in making its skin dry, rough, and flaky, and that’s not what you want. So instead of washing your Maltipoo regularly, bathing it once per month is sufficient. As Maltipoos stay away from dirt anyway, bathing your dog once a month will keep it clean.

To ensure minimum shedding while bathing your dog, use a gentle dog shampoo. Air drying your dog’s coat after bathing it is best. While using a towel, make sure not to rub the dog’s coat too much as these dogs are delicate.

To sum up

Maltipoos are adorable little dogs that can instantly brighten up your day. Shedding is not a common problem with this breed. Therefore you don’t have to think twice before petting your beloved Maltipoo while wearing your new black dress.

Proper nutrition and grooming are essential to reduce shedding in these dogs. If you find that your Maltipoo is shedding excessively, then make sure to consult a vet.


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