How To Reduce Yorkipoo Shedding?

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How To Reduce Yorkipoo SheddingIsn’t a Yorkipoo one of the most delightful dogs to live with? This fun-loving breed is always up for some playful activities. One of its unique features lies in how confident these dogs are in their skin.

However, to maintain their confident and carefree nature, you must take care of their beautiful, silky coat. If not, it can cause their coat to shed a lot, leaving a mess around your house.

Are you having trouble in finding the right ways to groom your Yorkipoo? Continue reading to learn some easy tips and tricks to take care of their shedding.

Reasons for shedding in Yorkipoos

Fortunately, Yorkipoos don’t shed a lot, and hence they are known to be great for pet parents with allergies. They are classified as non-shedding and thus are hypoallergenic.

Although you cannot entirely stop any dog from shedding, you can surely reduce it. For this, it is first necessary to understand the reason behind your dog’s shedding.

Apart from a breed’s inherent characteristics, climate, health factors, and food habits can also lead to shedding. Provide balanced meals and proper nutrition to maintain your Yorkipoo’s health.

Look for any parasites and allergens, like dermatitis, ringworms, etc. This could also be the reason for excessive shedding in Yorkipoos.

Shedding is all-natural unless you are noticing a drastic change in the amount of shedding. Then you should mandatorily consult your vet for further instructions and advice.

Yorkipoos suffer from separation anxiety, and they always want to be by your side! Unfortunately, this may cause them to shed more than usual. So make sure you spend enough time with your little buddy.

Apart from these, improper grooming can also be a reason why your dog is shedding a lot. Grooming involves brushing your Yorkipoo’s coat, bathing, clipping, and other essential things.

How often should I brush my Yorkipoo?

Your Yorkipoo’s fur coat is incredibly soft and delicate, but it does grow quite fast. Taking it to the groomer once in a while will keep the fur coat in check and prevent excessive shedding.

Also, brushing twice a week is sufficient for a Yorkipoo. You may only notice a small amount of hair upon brushing. Always brush your dog’s hair gently when it’s wet or moisturized to prevent breakage and damage.

There are different types of brushes suitable for different kinds of dogs. Consulting a dog groomer or vet is the best way to go about selecting the perfect brush for your dog.

How often should I bathe my Yorkipoo?

Yorkipoos’ genes from its parent Yorkshire make their coat very textured, smooth, and silky. And if you want to maintain that elegance in them, then make sure to groom their coat every few weeks.

In fact, you can wash your Yorkipoo whenever you want, be it every week or every month, as they enjoy getting themselves groomed.

Before you begin bathing your Yorkipoo, brush its hair with a suitable comb to get rid of tangles and knots. A smooth, run-through with your fingers can also make your dog quite happy and relaxed.

When you move ahead with the shampooing process, remember that this breed has a hair texture that requires you to bathe them without any rough handling. We recommend you bathe a Yorkipoo with lukewarm water, which does not harm the dog’s hair and keeps it healthy.

Once you have bathed your Yorkipoo, make sure that you airdry its coat. If you are using a towel, be gentle with it.

To sum up

Dogs shed. It’s something we don’t expect to surprise us, but if the shedding gets too much, it could be a problem. If you are not fully aware of ways to control the shedding, you might find yourself in terribly inconvenient and frustrating situations!

Grooming your Yorkipoo properly and giving it nutritious food will help reduce excessive shedding. If you find that the shedding is more than usual, make sure to consult a vet.


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