How To Train A Chihuahua

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How To Train A ChihuahuaChihuahua’s are probably the most popular house pets. Their frequency in celebrity circles and their adorable size makes them a breed that is very in demand right now. However, training a Chihuahua to be the perfect companion can take some time.

The Chihuahuas may have the title of the tiniest dogs, but they’re also impossibly feisty. The dogs, puppy or adult, are snappy and headstrong, making them extremely difficult to train. Irrespective of the size, the breed is naturally aggressive and not afraid to show it.

However, don’t let this deter you from getting your feisty friend. If you own a Chihuahua, you would know that they are the most adorable, protective pets. Continue reading while we discuss all the pointers on how you can train your Chihuahua!

Simple Tips to Train a Chihuahua

While it is a very different experience training a puppy and a senior Chihuahua, there are some general tips that you must keep in mind.


As Chihuahuas are more demanding, they are very stubborn and expect to get what they want. Establishing yourself as an authoritative party is extremely important in this case. This will help you gain a semblance of control and make it easy to train your pet.

Mental and physical simulation

Chihuahuas are smart and energetic. They respond well to exercise and pick up on orders fast. However, proper authority solves this issue. Once you’ve established authority, make sure to pay attention to your dog’s physical and mental needs.

Since these pets are extremely energetic, a long walk may not be required. At the same time, since they have a big personality, it is important that you teach them mental cues such as sit, stay, fetch, roll-over, etc.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a must for all training. As Chihuahuas are energetic and mentally stimulated, they can benefit from small rewards. This can solve many of your problems. However, make sure you don’t entirely lean on this method as the breed is equally stubborn, and it may be difficult for you to make them wean off of the behavior.

Handle with care

Chihuahuas are small in size, and your family and friends most likely pass the dog from hand to hand. Ensure that you’re not squeezing them tightly as they are fragile. Ensure that they are used to being held and don’t view this as a threat; otherwise, it can be an extremely bad experience.

How to train a Chihuahua puppy?

There is a huge difference between training a chihuahua puppy and a senior. With puppies, you have to often take much more care and train them very early for interaction and obedience.

Socialization and Potty training are at the top of the list for Chihuahuas. Due to their small size and aggressiveness, the first act of socialization needs to involve making them familiar with older, gentle dogs. This breaks the stereotype of big = scary. At the same time, get the Chihuahua to interact with your social circles and give them their own space (crate) for comfort.

Potty training can include a reward system but refrain from using pee pads. This can make Chihuahuas dependant on them.

How to train a Chihuahua senior?

When training an adult Chihuahua, you need to keep in mind that the surroundings are entirely new. This is likely to make them defensive and aggressive to everything. Hence, socialization is your first task.

You can use a daily routine to get your Chihuahua seniors used to their new life and give them a separate crate as their own space. This helps them feel at home and allows them to trust you.


Training a Chihuahua can involve a lot of patience and work, but the adorable creatures make it worth your while. Set a routine, cover the basics, and you will be on your way to having a well-trained accomplice. We recommend you start from the very basics like potty training and later move on to training them on additional skills.

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