How To Train A Dachshund

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How To Train A DachshundYour short-legged furry friend can get extremely enthusiastic as they were originally bred to hunt badgers. Although Dachshunds may seem delicate, they can become mischievous and stubborn if the right training isn’t provided from the very beginning.

Dachshunds are perfect for filling your home with lively activity as they are great family dogs. With their origins in Germany, these adorable puppies are easy to train and respond significantly to positive reinforcement.

Dachshunds can be delightful pets owing to their small size and even-tempered attitude. Their adventurous and inquisitive nature will keep them perpetually engaged, ready to play everything they can!

Familiarising yourself with the vivacious personality of Dachshunds before you adopt them will be beneficial. The precious purebreds are usually miniature with three coat types; longhaired, smooth or wirehaired.

How to train a Dachshund puppy?

Although they are intelligent, Dachshunds tend to be stubborn due to their bold disposition. They can effectively win your heart, which can make it difficult to sternly train these charming canines.

Like every friendly canine, Dachshunds can be trained affectionately. Since they are sensitive, reward-based disciplining is better than being harsh or using punishments. Severe commands may negatively affect them owing to their endearing nature.

The following steps can be taken to ensure that your dainty pet can be trained the right way.


Dachshunds will do anything to get your attention, including notorious things. Giving clear instructions when they are younger will go a long way in molding their behavior.

Being firm without scolding or shouting will make you in charge of your puppy instead of the other way around. It may be hard to resist their charming advances, but you need to be consistent for the training to work!

Without consistent training, your Dachshund will turn out disobedient and stubborn.

Short training sessions

Training sessions with your Dachshund puppy should be limited. The breed has a short attention span allowing him/her to get distracted easily.

Young pups also require more rest, so the sessions should be limited to about 10 to 15-minute chunks. Repeating the sessions 3 or 4 times a day can help your puppy understand the process better.

Limit distractions

Dachshunds can get easily distracted by movement in their surroundings. Make sure you start training your pup alone in a quiet room. This will help him/her focus and learn faster.

After a couple of weeks, your puppy can be taken outside or in your garden. Once he/she gets familiar with the routine, you can make him socialize in a dog park with many other distractions!


Once your puppy gets familiar with commands, you should test them randomly to actively reinforce training. If you tell your Dachshund to sit and he obeys, reward him immediately, so he understands the cause of rewards.

Verbal cues and encouragement are useful tactics to enforce positive reinforcement. Some people use auditory cues such as a clicker to associate the noise with a reward. This furthers the connection.

How to train a Dachshund senior?

Do you have an unruly canine in your house? It is never too late to start training your Dachshund dog. Adult training should be restricted to Dachshunds above 12 months of age.

Although most of the methods are similar to the ones used for puppies, training adult dogs will require more time and patience. It involves two incentives primarily; reward and correction.

Physical rewards include patting along the sides of your pup, never on the head. Vocal praise will be received well by your dog. The treats used for training should be as small as possible.

Summing up

Raising your spirited Dachshund may seem intimidating, but it is an essential process. After all, it is as important as raising a child the right way!

We believe that these adorable bundles of joy are bound to add a scintillating experience to your life. Consult your veterinarian for further details.

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