How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier

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How To Train A Jack Russell TerrierBringing home, a furry friend, puppy, or senior, is a wholesome experience. However, this comes with certain responsibilities. As adorable as Jack Russell Terriers are, their origin lies in England when English parsons wanted a hunting dog to hunt the fox.

As a result of this, these fearless puppies are inherently intelligent and determined. If you are looking for an energetic, athletic pup, a Jack Russell is the perfect match for you!

Although they are perfect family dogs, Jack Russell Terriers can be a handful if they are not trained in the right way. Their excessive energy and agility will keep you occupied for hours. Don’t let their portable size fool you!

Their fearless personality often has the potential to put them in harm’s way. To avoid this, training a Jack Russell Terrier in the right way is essential.

How to train a Jack Russell Terrier puppy?

Boundaries should be set for puppies from the very beginning to keep their behavior under control. A free-spirited and energetic breed like a Jack Russell requires time and patience to train effectively. Here are some tips to follow for training your pup.

1. Start training early

Training a puppy is easier as they tend to learn crucial skills quickly. Jack Russell puppies are fast learners and will pick up habits from early on. To make sure that these habits are not destructive or dominant, rules must be established as early as possible.

2. Be consistent

Once rules are established, make sure to reinforce them consistently. If your puppy is not allowed on furniture, never let them on. This should be done regularly to avoid confusing your puppy. If the idea of rules is not clear to your puppy, it may lead to frustration and anger directed towards you.

3. Socialization

Jack Russells are more likely to become aggressive towards strangers or other dogs if they are not socialized from the beginning. Exposing them to new people and other dogs from a young age will get them accustomed to strangers quickly. This reduces aggressive behavior in the future.

How to train a Jack Russell Terrier senior?

Training an older Jack Russell can be challenging considering the trouble they could cause if they are not trained early on. Their aggressive nature tends to make it harder to train them once they are older, but it is possible.

The following steps could be taken to train your senior Jack Russell.

1. Use high-value treats

Using high-value treats such as French fries, peanut butter, or hot dogs makes it easier for your training to be effective. Your furry friend is more likely to register instructions when they are tempted by high-value treats. Coupled with praising, these treats will yield results quickly.

2. Avoid being harsh

Training a senior Jack Russell can be increasingly exhausting; however, being patient and staying calm is essential. Yelling or hitting your dog can lead to permanent trust issues and damage your relationship with your dog. Being considerate and kind can go a long way for your relationship.

3. Short training sessions

Training can start in a familiar environment after a fixed time interval. Short sessions can be conducted throughout the day for effective reinforcement. Once your dog is accustomed to this, treat him if similar behavior is exhibited in different settings.


Jack Russell Terriers can be extremely problematic if they are not trained. Firmness, coupled with affection, is the best strategy to train your puppy or senior dog. Positive training benefits you and your dog and sets an appropriate power dynamic.

Jack Russell Terriers can be the most joyful playing companions due to their enthusiastic nature. Keeping them occupied with healthy exercises will minimize acts such as biting and jumping. Practical training must be provided before experimenting with more advanced tricks.