How to Train Afghan Hounds?

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How To Train Afghan HoundsAfghan hounds have historically been an active breed of dogs. They are quick on their feet and are always alert. This could be credited to their hunting past. Over the years, this breed has become a treasured pet for many.

Their hunting skills are no longer required, but these abilities have made them popular show dogs. Combining their skills with their beautiful appearance, Afghan hounds are now a beloved breed of show dogs.

They are extremely loyal dogs and are naturally very intelligent. It does not take a lot of time for them to learn tricks. Even if you don’t want your pets to be show dogs, you need to house train them.

Here is everything you need to know about training Afghan hounds!

How to train Afghan Hounds puppy?

You must start training your dogs from a very young age. The best time to begin training is at 7-8 weeks! By then, your puppy will understand instructions and learn tricks faster.

Afghan hound puppies are extremely mischievous. They may look like a snobby breed sometime; however, they are very affectionate and will turn your house upside down when they are happy!

These puppies will jump around in your house and explore everything they possibly can. Their explorative nature and curious personalities make it very difficult for you to house train them. You will need to be very patient with Afghan hound puppies to make sure they are groomed properly.

These puppies have very poor bladder control. In the first few months, they might be very messy while doing their business. You will consistently need to teach them the correct ways of potty training.

One of the best ways to house train your puppy is by creating a fixed schedule. Feed your dog on time, feed them a fixed amount of food, and take them out on walks at a fixed time too. This schedule will help bring structure to your dog’s natural processes.

How to train Afghan Hounds senior?

There are many ways to train your afghan hound. The key is to be patient and persistent in their training. With adequate training, these dogs can participate in dog shows and come out with shining colors!

If you have recently adopted an adult Afghan hound, you need to learn a few things first to train them properly. Here are a popular ways t train your adult afghan hounds!

Show dominance

Afghan hounds can become dominant in a family if they are not well trained. You can show your alpha dominance in a family by making a few behavioral changes. You should never bend down to their eye level, do not let them climb up on your bed if you want to be portrayed as the family’s alpha.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is similar to positive reinforcement in many ways. It is like making a sharp noise every time you want them to perform a trick. It may not be useful if you are house training your dog. However, it is a great way to train show dogs!

Positive Reinforcement

This is one of the best methods to train your dog. Teach them commands likes ‘sit’ and ‘roll’ and reward them with treats if they get it right. Afghan hounds are very stubborn and strong-willed, so positive reinforcement is a very helpful way to teach them tricks.

Summing up

These strong-willed and alert hunting dogs can be the best pets you have ever had. All you need to do is be consistent in their training. They will do as they please, but once they get comfortable around you, they will obey all your commands like the loyal pets they are. So, try out these techniques and train your afghan hounds the way you want to!


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