How To Train An Affenpinscher?

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How To Train An AffenpinscherAffenpinschers are a feisty and energetic breed of dogs. Traditionally trained to catch rats, they are now considered great companion dogs. They love freedom, and at the same time, are incredibly loyal.

The French call this breed “diablotin moustachu”, which roughly translates to mustached devils, and rightly so, as they have monkey-like features, and a mischievous temperament.

If you own an Affenpinscher or are planning to get one, training isn’t that challenging. In general, your dog’s training has little to do with commands and response and more to do with its relationship with you. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about training your Affenpinscher.

How to train an Affenpinscher puppy?

Affenpinscher puppies can be formally trained as soon as they arrive at your home. However, when they are between seven to eight weeks, it is said to be their golden age for training. Basic training includes teaching your dog where its dishes are and where its designated spot to sleep is.


A standard rule when training any puppy is housebreaking, or in simpler terms ‘bathroom training.’ From a very young age, until the pup is thoroughly trained, you must confine it in a space inside the house. To know when your dog wants to relieve itself, pay close attention to its change in tone when it barks.

Use keywords

Keywords and phrases are essential while training your Affenpinscher puppy. When repeatedly giving a command, stick to a single phrase or keyword. For example, when training your dog to lie down, use only ‘lie down’ every single time, and not ‘sleep’ or ‘lie back’, at times.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement, with treats, are absolute essentials while training your puppy. This makes sure that from the puppy stage itself, they understand that listening to your commands begets treats and a positive reaction from your side. However, don’t go overboard with this method, as you don’t want your pup to get stubborn.

Professional trainer

This is the last resort. Unless your dog has any underlying aggression or behavior that can lead to harm, always train the dog yourself. It proves to be a much better measure in the long run and will also make your bond stronger.

How to train an Affenpinscher senior?

Training an adult dog is naturally slightly different from training a puppy. Most older Affenpinschers are easier to train due to their maturity and self-control. Dogs that are adopted from shelters are not trained, and you may have to teach them from scratch.

These dogs prefer open spaces but shouldn’t be left alone without supervision. They can be trained in the backyard or a dog park, or even on the beachfront. Affenpinscher seniors have a shorter attention span, and quickly lose interest in things. Thus, while training a senior, you must make their training sessions fun by including a lot of activities. 

In the case of housebreaking an older Affenpinscher, you must stick to rigid meal timings and know the whereabouts of your dog. Take frequent walks and reward the dog with treats when it goes out. Also, you should not let the dog pull their leash while they are outdoors.

A useful trick when you catch your dog peeing inside is to clap as loud as you can. The loud sound will startle it and stop it midstream, allowing you enough time to take it outside.

To sum up

Affenpinschers are eager to please their owners and hence, will catch up on the training pretty fast. To train your dog, be it a puppy or a senior, it is essential to gain their trust and respect.

Make sure not to act aggressively around your dog if it has done something wrong. Training does not mean abuse! Give your dog enough love and affection, and the training process will be much simpler.


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