How to Treat Your Dog Like a Dog and Not a Person

How to Treat Your Dog Like a Dog and Not a Person

You have probably seen people walk around with their dogs in everything from jackets to sweaters. Some even walk around with barrettes and footwear on their dogs. What many don’t realize is that the dogs are animals and not people. Dogs need to be treated like dogs.

Of course there are some animals who need to have a sweater on in cold weather or even a shirt when it is cool. This is because some animals don’t have enough fur to keep them warm. In this case a simple t-shirt or sweater will do nicely. Even if you just want your pet to wear your favorite teams shirt this would be fine.

The problem comes when people start to attempt to put shoes on their dogs, bows, and even barrettes. This items mean nothing to a dog. For some it actually inhibits them from behaving the way a dog is supposed to act. For example have you ever seen a dog try to walk in those dog shoes. They will usually end up walking kind of funny.

Most dogs will even try to take them off of their paws at some point. For some dogs small cotton booties may work well during the winter months when there is ice on the ground. This will protect the dogs pads from freezing up in the snow or ice. It will also help to keep some of the salt that is spread on the ground from getting stuck in their paws.

During the rest of the year when there is no snow dogs don’t need these items. They have pads on the bottom of their feet which make walking on ground easy for them.

What about all the frilly clothing items? These are really not necessary unless your dog is putting on some type of show. The tutu’s and dresses are really unnecessary. They make no difference to the dogs at all. If you think that your dog enjoys getting dressed up you are mistaken.

Dogs don’t think the way that humans do. Think of it this way, you don’t want to feed your dog human food, because it can be harmful to them. If you talk to any dog trainer or professional you will quickly be told that your dog should be treated like a dog and not person.

There is nothing wrong with training your dog like a member of the family and giving them all the loving attention you possibly can, but avoid trying to make them look like a human. If you are still not sure you can talk with your veterinarian.

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