Hygenhund Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Hygenhund is a lovely breed with multiple bloodlines. It has what you could call charisma and an aura of respect. Any breed or human will not want to mess with the Hygenhund despite its loving and adorable looks. This regal look of the Hygenhund plays out in your favor in numerous ways, especially in guard duty. You will learn about the beauty of the Hygenhund soon in more detail.

Hygenhund History

Hygenhund Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Hygenhund is a breed with a messy but documented history. The breed was first developed in the 19th Century. The reason for its birth was to create the perfect scenting hound. It has the blood of numerous scenting hounds flowing through it. The most prominent contributors include the Beagle, Basset Hound, Scandinavian Hound, English Pointer, and BloodHound. The process was a success, and we got the Hygenhund.

Mr. Hygen formulated the idea of this breed. He only wanted the offspring to be able to hunt Fox, Hare, and other small Varmin. The breed was all that he wanted and so much more. For this reason, it quickly gained recognition in various circles throughout the world and eventually became one of the most demanded breeds. The UKC accepts the Hygenhund.

Hygenhund Characteristics

The Hygenhund is a breed that exhumes confidence and talent. It will have a slightly longer coat. The texture of the coat will be soft and silky. The coat colors will oscillate between Brown and Red. The eyes of the Hygenhund will be round and brown. It will also have a slightly large head that will look like an ill fit with its body. The Hygenhund will also have a prominent face with its slightly obtuse nostrils and muzzle.

How Big do Hygenhund Get

The Hygenhund is a large-sized breed. It has an imposing height of 19 to 24 inches. The weight range for the Hygenhund is usually 44 to 55 lbs. The proportions for both males and females remain the same. You are advised to keep an eye on its diet to maintain its weight in the range. You can get more information about its diet later in this piece.

How Long Does Hygenhund Live

The Hygenhund is a breed that has a certain long life. The Hygenhund will usually live between the ages of 10 and 14 years. The age of the Hygenhund will depend on how strong its immune system. You can take certain steps to increase its longevity, like take care of its diet and exercise. The longevity of this breed will also depend on how well you can take care of its diet.

How Much Does a Hygenhund Cost

The Price of the Hygenhund will usually be more than 800 dollars. The Price of the Hygenhund is slightly high because of the lineage of the Hygenhund. The Hygenhund will usually have a price that varies with its age. The Price will be affected highly by the health of the Hygenhund. The better the health of the Hygenhund is, the more it will cost you.

Hygenhund Temperament/Personality

The Hygenhund is a family breed with one of the most beautiful personalities. It does not like being idle. Normally it will just be running around. You better keep your face safe because it will not miss an opportunity of licking it. Children in the house don’t have to feel threatened by this breed. You will have to introduce other pets with care and steadiness. Strangers should step cautiously around the Hygenhund because it doesn’t tolerate anyone on its turf.

Training the Hygenhund won’t prove to be difficult. The Hygenhund is a brilliant breed, but it doesn’t rebel like any of the other breeds. If you know how to make the sessions for the Hygenhund engaging, then it will make training the Hygenhund even more productive. We recommend using Dog Treats and a Dog Training Book to make your sessions healthier and productive. Again socialization is very important.

Caring for Hygenhund

The Hygenhund, like every other innocent breed, requires the love of its owner to remain healthy and jumping. Please read this section carefully to understand what you have to do to keep your buddy healthy and happy.

Hygenhund Nutrition

The Hygenhund is a large breed with enough tummy space to digest a generous meal. You will have to give your buddy at least two to three cups of food daily. The tastier the food is, the better it will be. You may use Iams Dog Food or Purina Dog Food to keep your buddy happy. If you want more choices, then looking into the Dog Food section will help.

How to Groom a Hygenhund

The coat of the Hygenhund doesn’t shed much. You won’t have to worry about brushing its coat that often. Ideally, brushing its coat four times per week should be more than enough. Bathing the Hygenhund is a task that should be repeated as rarely as possible. It would be best if you were willing to bathe it once per two months or as per need. You should trim the nails of the Hygenhund and keep its teeth clean.

Hygenhund Activity Levels

The Hygenhund is a highly active breed that loves running around. You will have to give it at least an hour of your day to help it vent out its energy. You can divide the daily sessions into two parts based on your convenience. Ensure that it remains both mentally and physically challenged.

Caring for Hygenhund

The Hygenhund does not need much, yet if you could still take care of a few additional things, it would make life more bearable. First of all, do not leave it alone for long. Please give it a separate box to help it understand its territory. It would be best if you also cleaned its ears as often as possible. Finally, keep the Hygenhund safe from the heat.

Hygenhund Health

The Hygenhund, despite its numerous mixed bloodlines, experiences not even the slightest of breaches in its immunity. The Hygenhund has one of the most amazing immunities. It will rarely experience any diseases. Yet due to age or vigorous activity, it may suffer from Elbow or Hip Dysplasia. Bloat and Obesity are two other problems that may affect it.

You will have to remain careful about your diet to keep it fit. The best possible thing that you can do for the Hygenhund is to take it to the vet’s office as often as possible. Constant examinations will allow the vet to identify any underlying conditions or developing conditions before it causes much damage. If you can do that, your buddy will remain happy and healthy.

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