Impressive Facts About the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Dog Breed

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Dog Breed

Known in the United States only since the 1980’s, this little dog is a raggedy looking small pooch with a sparkly personality. Their name means they are small, low to the ground, with shaggy face, and Vandeen is the area in France where they have originated.

This little dog is more like a terrier, not a Basset, curious, busy, smart and determined. They require much attention and exercise. Their coat is of a wiry texture like a terrier, with a bushy face and eyebrows, with a sword like tail that he carries high, comes in a white color with lemon, orange, black or other mixtures of colors.

This darling little dog can weigh between 25 and 40 pounds, 12 to 15 inches high, with longer basset type bodies. They are very energetic, needing “parents” that can give them a fair amount of attention and exercise daily. They have great sense of smell and are very inquisitive in nature. Patience is required in training them, as they can be very stubborn and sometimes bossy. This little “barker” makes for a great watchdog.

Since the Petit Basset Griffon can be a bit boisterous and mischievous, you may need to take caution with them around small children who may inadvertently be knocked down or hurt. It is not, however, their intent to cause harm and actually do get along well with children and strangers. They are usually fine with other dogs and cats though you may wish to take caution as far as rabbits and other small animals.

The Petit Basset Griffon was originally bred as a French hunting dog, tracking down rabbit and other small prey with his cousin, the Grand Basset Griffon hunting the larger prey such as deer and wolves.

Grooming needs for this breed are minor, with just a light weekly brush out, which keeps the shedding to a minimum, as this is also a low shedding breed of dog. The bottom area should be well trimmed for hygiene purposes, as well as keeping the hair within the ears short, also keeping the ears clean and dry to ward off infections.

There are some health problems to be aware of with this breed such as thyroid problems, luxating patella, cataracts, and meningitis, epilepsy, and heart problems. Just be sure to get your puppy from a very reputable breeder with a health guarantee, followed by a thorough health exam with your own personal Vet. The life expectancy for this lively, happy and energetic little Petit Basset Griffon Vedeen is 12 – 15 happy years.

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