Irish Doodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

If you feel like adding a new furry member to your family who is friendly, active, and intelligent, then you’re at the right place. The Irish Doodle, which also goes by the names Irish Doodle Setter, Irish Setterdoodle, and Irish Setterpoo, is a fun-loving, loyal, and social pooch. 

This designer dog breed crosses two distinctive yet interesting breeds; the agile Irish Setter and the elegant Poodle. Both of these parents are still being used in hunting today, and the Irish Doodle would certainly be up for the job as well. But they are also good as companions due to their friendliness with kids and other animals.

Irish Doodle History

Irish Doodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowOne of the best ways to get to know a dog better is to look at their parent breeds. The Irish Setter was initially developed in the 1700s in Ireland, and by the 1800s, they were not just popular in Ireland but all across Britain as well. During the start, they were commonly red and white, or yellow and white, but later on, the deep red color became popular.  

In Germany, poodles were used to retrieve duck. Their incredible intelligence, coupled with their love of the water, made them the perfect breed for this type of work. The popularity of Poodles extended beyond Germany and spread throughout the rest of Europe.

Irish Doodle Characteristics

Irish Doodle is medium-sized, compact, and elegant. These pups have a square build with a fairly athletic-looking body supported by their medium-length legs. Their ears are large and floppy and often hang low on their narrow heads that have a long muzzle with a black snout at the tip. 

These graceful canines can have various coats depending on the parent breed that dominates in them. For example, the Poodle has a fairly soft, curly, and long coat in various solid colors. And the Irish setter has a Double layered coat, with the inner coat being soft and dense and the outer coat being flat and glossy. Usually, The Irish Doodle resembles the coat of the Poodle. 

How Big Do Irish Doodle Get

Irish Doodles are large-sized dogs, but they not as big as their Irish Setter parent. Typically, the males of this breed have an average height of around 24 – 28 inches and an average weight of 50 – 75 lbs. The females have an average height of 22 – 26 inches and an average weight of 40 – 65 lbs.

How Long Does an Irish Doodle Live

As medium-sized dogs, The Irish Doodle usually lives longer than other, large-sized breeds. So, this healthy dog can live anywhere between 10 – 13 years, depending on the quality and amount of care they receive. Ensure you take your pup to the vet regularly to increase their lifespan significantly.

How much Does an Irish Doodle Cost

This breed is becoming one of the most well-known mixes of the Irish Setter among people and breeders. This makes the demand for the Irish Doodle at an all-time high. So, if you get your hand on one of them, you should expect to pay anywhere between $1500 – $3000 for a puppy. You might also have to spend extra on things like medical treatment, bedstreats, and accessories.

Irish Doodle Temperament/Personality

Irish Doodles are sensitive, affectionate, and intelligent. These pooches love to be the center of attention, and they will do anything in their power to snatch your attention whenever they can. They are super intelligent, which means they can be trained easily, but keep in mind; they will learn anything you teach them, even the bad habits.

As both the Poodle and the Irish Setter are friendly canines, the Irish Doodle is also good with other animals and kids. These gentle pups are usually not that big, so there is no harm in letting them play with your child. Some dogs among this breed are seen to be more chaotic, but with the right training and early socialization, you can expect them to behave normally.

Caring for Irish Doodle

Irish Doodles requires the right kind of care to survive, and you should know what kind of products to use. But the amount of effort that goes into maintaining them depends on things like their temperament and the type of coat they will inherit. We will discuss all of that in the section below. 

Irish Doodle Nutrition

As a medium-sized dog, the Irish Doodle requires a high-quality and balanced diet to fulfill its energy requirement. These dogs require about three cups of dog food per day. But it would be best if you started with two and a half cups and eventually start giving them three; they can be fed dry dog foodwet dog food, or a mixture of both.

How to Groom an Irish Doodle

So, the amount of effort that goes into grooming the Irish Doodle depends on the type of coat they may inherit. Although they usually inherit the long single-coat of the Poodle, which is usually not that dense and almost wavy, they don’t shed as much so, brushing them 3 – 4 times per week is enough to keep them looking clean and keep their coat mat and tangle-free. 

Irish Doodle Activity Levels

Even though this breed doesn’t require a lot of exercise, you must ensure they get a minimum of 90 minutes of daily activity by playing games like fetch, walks, and jogs. Doing this is important because the Irish Doodle is filled with energy, and if they don’t expend that energy, they might become destructive and anxious. 

Caring for Irish Doodle

As a highly intelligent breed, the Irish Doodle becomes bored easily if left alone for a long period. And boredom can easily lead to self-destructive behavior like biting furniture, and trust us; you don’t want that in your dog. So, make sure that you’re spending time with your pup daily and keeping them engaged. 

Irish Doodle Health

These hybrid dogs are quite hardy, and like most of the other hybrids, they have the benefit of the hybrid Vigor; this is a technique that results in the offspring being healthier than their parents. In any case, the Irish Doodle is still prone to certain health issues; these include Hip Dysplasia, Bloating, Eye Diseases and Disorders, Epilepsy, Color Dilution, and Alopecia Skin Diseases and Disorders.

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