Irish Saint Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Dogs are the kind of animals that are considered to be the companion for human beings. Different breeds of dogs have different qualities, but loyalty is the thing that appears in all. Our center of the light is an Irish Saint Terrier. Author Jack London described the spirited Irish Saint terrier as a dog “made of gold” outside and inside.

Irish Saint Terrier results from a cross between the Irish Terrier and Saint Bernard. It’s a breed that becomes tamed with not only the family members but also strangers. They love children and are active and excellent watchdogs. It’s a breed that is suitable for farms as well as for apartments. Their intelligence and smartness made them the farmer’s and gentlemen’s choice.

Irish Saint Terrier History

Irish Saint Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe History of this excellent breed is not fully known, but we can look at their parent’s breed to get to know them better. Irish Terrier has its origins in Scotland, where they were bred by crossing Black and Tan Terries and Wheaten Terriers. This wonderful pup was one of the most famous ones in the British Isles.

Saint Bernard is a large-sized canine with a gentle and loving personality, and it was bred for the chilly weather of the Alps. Rescuers used this breed to search and rescue travelers, and they became quite popular because of that. Their dense coats and tough bodies made them the ideal dog for such missions.

Irish Saint Terrier Characteristics

The Irish Saint Terrier is a large-sized dog, and most of its characteristics depend on the parent breed that dominates in them. Its Saint Bernard parent either has a short, smooth, and dense coat or a long, slightly wavy coat. So, your pup can adopt either of these coats, and there is no guarantee which one it might be.

These gracious puppies come in various colors, but the most common ones are red, golden red, red wheaten, or plain wheaten. You should note that Saint Bernard usually has more red in their coat than white, so your pup may have more red than white in their coat as well.

How Big Do Irish Saint Terrier Gets

The Irish Saint Terrier is a dog with a proud chest that is not too wide. It has a long body and a straight back. They have a specific size and weight depending on their sex. The females stand at 18 inches and weigh around 25 pounds, whereas a male dog stands around 20 inches and 27 pounds.

How Long Does An Irish Saint Terrier Live

The Irish Saint Terrier lives a healthy life. Their life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years in case they don’t encounter any accident. Of course, this life expectancy can be shorter if met a very rare health issue. However, you can ensure that your pooch lives a long life free of any health problems by taking good care of them.

How Much Does An Irish Saint Terrier Cost

The Irish Saint Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are lively, active, quick, and powerful dogs. The average cost of an Irish Saint Terrier pup is from $1,500 – $2,500 and depending upon the breeder, area, and the linage of the pups. Their calm and patient temperament made them more appealing for the countryside and urban areas.

Irish Saint Terrier Temperament/Personality

The Irish Saint Terrier carries a Sturdy personality. They are tireless workers and great companions for hunting and jogging. In addition to that, they are also alert and adaptable watchdogs. They are great rodent hunters. Sometimes you have to face the barking problem as an owner of an Irish Saint Terrier, but with proper training, you can get rid of this problem.

These dogs are great companions for humans, but they might despise other dog’s fellowship. So, the Irish Saint Terrier may pick a fight with other canines to prove their leadership. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to defeat the Irish Saint Terrier for other breeds even with enough training.

Caring For Irish Saint Terrier

This breed is playful, but it has its own definition of playing as Irish Saint Terrier loves to shred newspapers and overturn the garbage baskets, which can irritate the owner. They need to be kept busy with healthy activities and exercises. If you don’t give an Irish Saint Terrier proper attention, they may make a mess inside and outside the house.

Irish Saint Terrier Nutrition

 An Irish Saint Terrier needs one to two cups of dog food every day. This can be either dry or wet dog food, depending of the preference of your dog. Its feeding also depends on its activity level, height, size, and age. They can consume different feeds such as veggies and meats. They can eat raw food as well. For example, if they catch a rabbit or a rat while playing or racking, they may eat it raw.

How to Groom A Irish Saint Terrier

Irish Saint Terrier doesn’t shed hair; therefore, they are well suited for people that are allergic to dogs. And if they trimmed regularly, it can make the shedding even less. In addition, his coat is made of short hair that makes it easier to brush. Brush your Irish Saint Terrier coat weekly with a hard bristle brush to keep it clean.

Irish Saint Terrier Activity Levels

This dog is active, lively, and energetic. They need two to three walks on a day that may last between 20 to 30 minutes. A ground or yard is suitable for them as they are not runners but a good company for joggers. If you can’t take them outside for walks, it would be best to invest in a treadmill.

Irish Saint Terrier Health

Usually, an Irish Saint Terrier is a healthy breed with less possibility of being sick. However, in some cases, few concerns may have a slight possibility. They may develop hereditary footpad hyperkeratosis, which leads to an infection. The other concern can be susceptibility to kidney stones diseases. This disease is known as cystinuria which is usually found in male dogs.

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