Italian Cavalier Greyhound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Italian Cavalier, also known as the Cava Hound, is affectionate, social, and sensitive. These qualities come from their parents, both highly sensitive, very affectionate, and quite social. This Hybrid results from a cross between two purebred dogs; The Italian Greyhound and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (or CKCS in short).

These dogs are among the best options for newbies who adopt or buy a dog for the first time. These canines require minimal grooming due to their easy-to-handle coats. You can train them with ease because they will do almost anything to make you happy; this includes listening to all your commands and behaving themselves around others. 

Italian Cavalier Greyhound History

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCKCS was initially used for various purposes, from a prized retriever to a flushing and tracking dog. This breed played different roles for different people. It is believed that this versatile canine was bred by crossing breeds like the now extinct Toy Trawler and the Blenheim red-and-white King Charles Spaniel.

On the other hand, the Italian Greyhound is believed to have its origin approximately 2000 years ago. The Skeletons of these old canines have been recently found in Greece and Turkey. This breed was also the favorite pet among the royalty; it is believed that one of the Kings of Prussia owned Italian hounds and is buried right next to his dogs!

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Characteristics

The Cava Hound is lean, compact, and small. But they have a well-built body that is usually small enough to fit in your lap comfortably. These pups have small triangular ears that flop at the tips and stand on a long flat skull that has a long muzzle with a small black nose at its tip.

Their tails can be short and thin if they take after the Italian hound and long, with feathering, if they resemble the CKCS parent. When it comes to their coat, you can expect them to have a smooth, silky, and sparse one with feathering around their tails, Muzzles, and ears

How Big Do Italian Cavalier Greyhound Get

Cava Hounds come from two small-sized breeds, so consequently, they don’t grow too big. The males have an average height of 13 – 15 inches and an average weight of around 12 – 16lbs. The females are almost similar, with an average weight of 8 – 15 lbs and an average height of 10 – 15 inches. 

How Long Does an Italian Cavalier Greyhound Live

The Cava Hound is a small-sized dog, and they have the advantage of not carrying around extra weight that the large breeds have to. So, this makes the amount of pressure exerted on their joints significantly low, and due to this, they live longer. But still, these pups can  live between 10 and 12 years.

How much Does an Italian Cavalier Greyhound Cost

The price of a Cava Hound will vary according to the availability of this breed in your area and may fluctuate considerably between each breeder. Nonetheless, as an estimate, you can expect to pay around $1000 – $2000 for a small pup if you buy from a well-known breeder in the US. 

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Temperament/Personality

The Cava Hound is a super-friendly dog known to have a compliant demeanor when it’s around other pets and animals. So, if you’re someone who has owned aggressive dogs and had a bad experience with misbehaving dogs, then it would be a good step to add this friendly pooch to your family.

But even if you are a first-time owner, you will still love this lively breed. They have the drive to please their owners, making them extremely likable and easy to train, so if you get yourself one of these, you won’t have to fret about days wasted on training your dog and getting no results.

Caring for Italian Cavalier Greyhound

Caring for a dog includes various factors like grooming them regularly, providing adequate exercise, so they don’t get lazy or overweight, and making sure that their daily caloric requirements are met. It is also important to use the right kinds of products for your pup, like nail clipperstoothpaste, and shampoo.

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Nutrition

As a small breed with moderate activity requirements, the Cava Hound doesn’t require a lot of food. They will do well on one cup of high-quality dog food per day. You should also include treats in their diet, so they don’t get bored with their usual food. 

How to Groom an Italian Cavalier Greyhound

Cava Hounds are moderate shedders that shed seasonally. So, it would be best to brush them 4 – 5 times per week when they are shedding and 2 – 3 times per week normally; it is important to keep in mind that these pups have delicate skin. So it would be best to use a slicker brush for their grooming.

This will ensure that their skin doesn’t get damaged and the loose hair or dirt trapped in their coat is removed effectively. Just like all the other dogs, it is important to brush their teeth at least once per week, so they don’t develop any dental issues, and you wouldn’t want your pup to have a stinky breath, right?

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Activity Levels

Cava hounds are hyper, mischievous, and goofy, and they love to move around and play with whatever comes their way. Specifically, they love going out for walks, playing fetch, or roaming freely in the yard or garden (if you have one). But if you live in an apartment, ensure that they are getting at least 60 minutes of activity daily. 

Caring for Italian Cavalier Greyhound

If your dog inherits the short muzzle from the CKCS parent, then you should ensure that they don’t play in the sunlight or at high temperatures for too long. This can make breathing hard for them, and they can start hyperventilating.

Italian Cavalier Greyhound Health

As an overall healthy breed, the Cava Hound doesn’t develop any health concerns. But in some individuals, problems like Dental Disease, Mitral Valve Dysplasia, Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Episodic Falling, and Epilepsy are seen. So, keep an eye out and take them to the vet immediately if you encounter any symptoms of these diseases. 

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