Jack-A-Bee Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Jack-A-Bee, also known as the Jack Beagle or Beagle Terrier, is a small to medium-sized dog breed developed by crossing the Jack Russel Terrier with the Beagle. It is a designer breed thought to have been created in the United States when designer breeds were trending. It is a loving, loyal, and social canine, same as its parent breeds.

The Jack-A-Bee breed’s development occurred around the 1990s and became more common in the 2000s decades. Although it became a popular designer breed after the 2000s, it is not recognized by any major kennel club. But in any case, they are still one of the most loved pets around the globe.

Jack-A-Bee History

Jack A Bee Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Jack-A-Bee is a mixed breed with Jack Russel Terrier and the Beagle as its ancestors. Because it is a fairly new mixed breed, there is not much of a history belonging to it, but its parents have some history worth knowing.

The Jack Russel Terrier and the Beagle both originated from England. The Jack Russel was a popular dog used for hunting small animals, including rabbits and foxes. It gained popularity in the 1800s with a similar breed dog called Fox terrier.

The Beagle’s origin goes back to the 1400s, though it gained popularity in the 1800s when a fox hunting dog breed was required. The Beagle was dangerously close to extinction after the first world war, but some beagle lovers like you saved the species from extinction.

Jack-A-Bee Characteristics

Jack-A-Bee Dogs fall under the category of highly active and strong dogs. Since it belongs to a hunting background, it has an athletic, sturdy and muscular body. Its face resembles more of the Beagle, but its muscular body resembles the Jack Terrier, due to which it belongs in the super active Dog lists.

Jack-A-Bee dogs can have brown, cream, white and red color fur and having medium-length hair. The hair texture of this dog is straight, and its coat is fairly sparse. It has big brown soulful eyes and wide and floppy ears like the Beagle.

How Big Do Jack-A-Bee Get

The Jack-A-Bee dogs are categorized as small dog breeds, but some can grow to medium size, depending on their parents. On average, it stands tall at 14 inches, but some can grow up to 16 inches depending on how big their parents were. Unlike some other dog breeds, the beagle jacks weigh the same for both genders. They can weigh between 15 and 30 pounds (7-14 Kgs).

How Long Does a Jack-A-Bee Live

The average lifespan of a Jack-A-Bee dog is around 12-16 years if you give it proper care, including proper grooming and good nutrition. Overall, Jack-A-Bees are considered a healthy breed and are not prone to any special ailments.

How much Does a Jack-A-Bee Cost

The average cost of the Jack-A-Bee is between 350$ to 700$. The maintenance cost includes annual medical expense, which is between 460$ to 560$, and the food expense or non-medical expense, which ranges between 400$ to 550 $, including grooming cost.

Jack-A-Bee Temperament/Personality

Jack-A-Bee dogs can have a variety of different temperaments depending on the personality of their parents. Some pups can have a slight aggressive temperament like the Jack Terrier, some can have the loving personality of the Beagle, and some poochies can have roughly mixed traits of both parents. 

Overall, Jack-A-Bees are full of life, energetic, and protective dogs. It goes along well with children, but it might become a little protective to some strangers. Jack-A-Bee proves to be a fantastic companion and filled with explosive energy. You can take them with you on a long walk any time, but be sure to put them on a good leash because they tend to wander around due to their high energy levels.

Caring for Jack-A-Bee

Whenever you get a canine, you have to make sure that you know how to properly take care of your pup, give it the appropriate nutrition, and groom it well. But don’t you worry, in this section, we will talk about how you can take care of your Jack-A-Bee.

Jack-A-Bee Nutrition

If you are getting a Jack-A-Bee puppy, its diet should consist of 22% protein, but it should be around 18% for adults. Also, you need to make sure that you’re feeding your canine a low in carbohydrate and high in fat diet as it is prone to obesity. Finally, you want to keep a keen eye on your Jack-A-Bee’s diet and feed him the right kind of food and treats.

How to Groom a Jack-A-Bee

Although Jack-A-Bees have a single coat fur but they do shed moderately throughout the day. You have to brush it twice a week with a standard dog brush and bathe it once or twice monthly. Regular nail cutting with a standard Dog nail clipper is also part of its grooming. Ear cleaning and dental checkups regularly will keep it away from infections and keep it healthy and strong.

Jack-A-Bee Activity Levels

Jack-A-Bees are highly active and full of energy. Despite their small size, they are robust and energetic, and they need an adequate amount of exercise to stay healthy. On average, they require 90 minutes out of your daily schedule for their physical activity.

Caring for Jack-A-Bee

These canines are prone to separation anxiety, so try not to leave them alone for a longer period of time; they may cause distress in your neighborhood. They’re also prone to obesity early, so ensure you are providing them enough physical activity to maintain their energy levels.  Jack-A-Bees needs your daily attention; make sure you can give them the proper time before buying or adopting.

Jack-A-Bee Health

Jack-A-Bees can suffer from several health problems, including Nasal allergies, Skin allergies, Epilepsy. Obesity, Deafness, Hip dysplasia, and Intervertebral Disk Disease. Some diseases are genetic, but you can avoid some if you take care of your dog’s grooming and maintenance properly.

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