Jafox Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Jafox is another hybrid into the hybrid world created after the trend of designer breed mixes in the 19th century. It is produced by interbreeding a toy-sized breed Japanese Chin with a smaller-sized dog Toy Fox Terrier.

This small-sized mix makes for a great companion dog who loves to spend his time perched on your lap or sitting by your side. The most prominent feature of this pup is the Japanese Chin’s black mask. Keep reading to learn more about this truly little bundle of joy.

Jafox History

Jafox Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe modern hybrid Jafox has little history. Let’s look at its parental long-standing and well-documented histories. The Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel originated in China. However, the dog made its way to Japan, and this journey is not known. Some suggest that the Buddhist teachers might bring them to Japan, or a Chinese ruler may present them to the Empress of Japan. Their arrival in Japan is recorded around some sixth century or by the seventh century.

In 1613, this breed was found in England, while its presence was recorded in America in 1853. The American Kannel Club added this breed to its list in 1888. Besides, the Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier-type dog breed that is not a very old canine. It was produced in the 19th century in the US typically to hunt mice, but it got skilled in flushing and hunting foxes. It is a descendant of Smooth Fox Terrier, Chihuahua, and Miniature Pinscher. The UKC registered them as a separate breed in 1936, while the AKC added them to their breed list in 2003.

Jafox Characteristics

Characterized by a black mask of its Japanese Chin parent, the Jafox’s appearance seems to be inclined more towards the Japanese Chin dog breed. Although it has less long fur than him, and also, ears are not that much gloppy. The body is compact and well-proportioned yet on a lean side like the Toy Fox Terrier parent. It is a smaller-sized dog having both smaller parents in its pedigree.

How Big to Jafox Get

Jafox is a toy breed with an average height of about 8-11 inches and weighs around 7-10 lbs. In comparison, the bitch stands 7-10 inches at the withers while its weight is approximately 6-9 lbs. For its small size, it is easy to train and maintain.

How Long Does Jafox Live

Excluding any health exception, the average expected lifespan of your Jafox is approximately 14-15 years. It is the average life span of most of the smaller-sized canines. However, suitable life conditions are required to complete this.

How Much Does a Jafox Cost

The normal cost of a Jafox puppy is $800-$1000. The puppies are expensive than grown-up dogs. While it’s rare to find this hybrid for adoption still you can search in your area through rescues and pet shelter homes.

Jafox Temperament/Personality

The spunky little Jafox is cat-like in attitude as in it is alert, independent, and uses its paws and lick to wipe its face. Like all other pups, its temperament is affected by the factors like heredity, training, and socialization. With proper socialization and training, this could be your best pup.

While these loyal and family-oriented doggies prefer familiar surroundings, they also do well in new situations. If there is any shyness, it must not be ignored and alleviated with proper human and animal socialization. Overall, it has a curious and playful temperament, with the desire to be a lapdog most of the time.

The kids can be clumsy with them due to their smaller size, so we recommend not letting them play with little kids. Rather give them Puppy Toys and Chew Toys for Dogs to play. They are good therapy dogs as well as guard dogs. They tend to bark to alert the arrival of a visitor or to draw attention to something unusual.

Caring for Jafox

Jafox requires a caring, loving owner who understands their needs. It would help if you were fully acquainted with a dog’s diet, grooming, and exercise requirements. Consider the below-mentioned topics before committing to bringing this furry fellow into your home.

Jafox Nutrition

This designer dog needs a diet that contains mostly protein and fat with low carbs. An adult Jafox needs 2 cups of dry dog food divided into frequent meals. You have to feed him on food specially formulated for puppies in puppyhood and give Dental Chew to keep your pup’s pearly whites in top shape.

How to Groom a Jafox

Jafox is not a hypoallergenic hybrid, but it is also not a great shedder. You won’t need to brush your dog more than thrice a week to keep the coat matts and tangles free. Regular hair brushing keeps the coat healthy by stimulating blood flow. Keeping his teeth clean with frequent tooth brushing will keep the dog away from periodontal diseases.

Jafox Activity Levels

You can fulfill the moderate energy needs of Jafox by walking and running inside the house. However, the dog needs a daily visit outside for fresh air. It keeps him healthy and active. Exercise sessions are also essential to keep his metabolism fast.

Caring for Jafox

Jafox needs a moderate climate to live. It is prone to have heatstroke when in warmer climates. This pup must wear Cooling Pads for Dogs and Cooling Vests for Dogs when the temperature is high and try not to walk them too far in extreme temperature.

Owners should avoid frequent bathing as it can strip the dog’s skin of natural oils, causing dryness. Furthermore, give particular attention to the ears, which are often hidden under dense fur.

Jafox Health

Luckily, the majority of health concerns for a Jafox are minor and far less likely to occur. His common ailments are Patellar Luxation, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, Entropion, Cataracts, Ear Infections, and Lens Luxation. It is important to maintain good care and regular veterinary checkups.

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