Jagdterrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Jagdterrier is a hunting and working terrier that is very dedicated to his work. He is loyal and protective of his family and makes an excellent watchdog. Highly athletic, playful with a keen sense of awareness, these canines are ideal for families looking for a great family dog.

This sturdy and skilled pup was used for hunting quarry underground, vermin, and large animals such as wild boar and fox. Due to these hunting instincts, you must always keep an eye on them and never leave them unsupervised with the kids. They do best in yards where they can explore and investigate. Continue reading this article with us to know all about this new and rare dog breed.

Jagdterrier History

Jagdterrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Jagdterrier, also known as the German Hunt Terrier, originated in Germany as a working terrier. It is a modern dog that dates back to 1920. The dog was used for hunting quarry both underground and above. After World War, a group of hunters crossed the Old English Fox Terrier with the Black and Tan Hunting Terrier to produce a hunting terrier.

This black and tan-colored small-sized dog is stronger and fiercer as compared to its size. Although largely used as a small game hunter or to hunt vermin, it can also hunt large prey such as cougars and wild boars. The dog gained popularity after coming to the US, and UKC registered it in 1993.

Jagdterrier Characteristics

Jagdterrier is a small energetic dog with its signature black and tan coat. The coat is dense and compact, with smooth hair. The squarish muzzle is proportionate to its face. The overall color of the coat is black, with tan markings on the muzzle and feet. The eyes and nose are black. Overall, it is a well-muscled dog with powerful legs that helps in hunting and running.

How Big to Jagdterrier Get

Jagdterrier is a smaller dog with an average height of about 13-16 inches and weighs around 20-22 lbs. It is the weight of the ideal hybrid of this breed; you must consult your concerned vet in case of an increase and decrease in it.

How Long Does Jagdterrier Live

Jagdterrier tends to live for about 12-15 years. The dog can compete this life span if provided with suitable living conditions. Look for some ailments at the end of this article, and make sure you keep your doggy safe from them to keep it healthy.

How Much Does a Jagdterrier Cost

Although Jagdterrier is a new dog breed, it is gaining popularity day by day. You can easily get it from a reputable breeder, often with a price range between $700 and $1000. They are working and companion dogs, which will drastically influence the final price.

Jagdterrier Temperament/Personality

Jagdterrier is a balanced-natured dog with genetic herding and guarding instincts. By nature, it is an affectionate and gentle dog but. Any aggression or negative behavior usually results from irresponsible ownership, neglect, or lack of training and socialization. It is the reason early and ongoing socialization and training are a must for this canine.

Furthermore, they are friendly to the extent that they love playing games with younger kids and people of all ages. They are not shy to play with other canines or felines. However, make sure they must not have any interactive or play sessions with large doggies as they can harm them.

Protective of their owner and territory, they do not usually welcome strangers until properly introduced. They can be even growling or barking seeing strangers; hence obedience training and socialization are required.

Caring for Jagdterrier

Being a smaller and sturdy dog, your Jagdterrier will need Food for Small Dogs to stay healthy, happy, and satisfied. Always dress your dog properly when walking him in the cold using Cooling Vests for Dogs. This heading covers the important aspects of this pup’s care.

Jagdterrier Nutrition

Jagdterrier’s tummy can be easily filled with 1 cup of dry dog kibble daily. It is best to split this meal into regular 3 or 4 portions to help your dog chew properly and avoid weight gain. Consider buying dog food from these well-known brands Iams Dog Food, Diamond Naturals Dog Food.

How to Groom a Jagdterrier

When it comes to grooming, your Jagdterrier is not a demanding canine. Weekly brushing with a Dog brush is ideal. Try a little spritz of water on the coat to prevent breakage. We recommend brushing their teeth daily and trim the nails should as needed.

Jagdterrier Activity Levels

Jagdterrier is a highly active dog that needs daily exercise. It does best in a house with a yard. Lack of activity can result in destructive behavior in which your dog will start scratching and chewing stuff. Plenty of exercises is essential to pant up his energy.

Caring for Jagdterrier

Jagdterrier prefers warm climates but not hot climates. Please keep it safe from much cold environment and make sure it gets plenty of water to remain hydrated. An ideal pup’s diet is for a small-to-medium breed with high energy. As we told above, splitting the meal into two or three meals will help your dog not overeat. Training and socialization are also considered the main points of your dog’s care. You have to know the diseases to which your doggy is susceptible to keep him safe from them. These are discussed below.

Jagdterrier Health

Jagdterrier is likely to suffer from Cataracts, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, Deafness, Legg-Calve, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, and Perthes Disease. There’s no guarantee that your doggy will have any of these ailments, but it is best to keep on checking for the possibility.

As a pet parent, you must keep an eye on your pup’s health during all stages of development. Ensure is regular veterinary checkups to avoid these diseases and, in case of having any, cure as early as possible. Vaccination is also important to keep your dog safe and immune.

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