Japeke Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Japeke is a hybrid of two small-sized Chinese dogs, the Japanese Chin and the Pekingese. Both of its parents enjoyed the status of being the favorite lapdog of royals and the upper class. Although it is a newer hybrid recognized by the Designer Breed Registry, Dog Registry of America, International Designer Canine Registry, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club.

Japeke History

Japeke Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe first parent of Japeke, the Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel, originated in China. However, the dog made its way to Japan, and this journey is not known. Some suggest that the Buddhist teachers might bring them to Japan, or a Chinese ruler may present them to the Empress of Japan. Their arrival in Japan is recorded around some sixth century or by the seventh century. In 1613, this breed was found in England, while its presence was recorded in America in 1853. The American Kannel Club added this breed to its list in 1888.

In comparison, the Pekingese (also spelled Pekinese) is is an ancient dog that also originated in China. It is a toy dog that was one of the favorites most dogs in China and thus named after China’s capital Peking, presently known as Beijing. It has been around two thousand years ago and was a popular companion dog among Chinese royalty and eminence. Because of its adorable characteristics, the Pekingese has been part of developing designer dogs such as the hybrid under discussion Japeke.

Japeke Characteristics

There can be several different looks for hybrid dogs, and the same is the case with Japeke. Typically, it is a small-sized dog breed with a short snout and a long silky coat. They have a Jack Russell’s solid body with brachycephalic skulls like both of its parents. The muzzle is proportionate to their face while the ears are drop-down covered with dense fur. The coat is double, which helps them to thrive in all sorts of weather.

How Big to Japeke Get

Japeke is a toy breed with an average height of about 7-10 inches and weighs around 6-11 lbs. It is the weight of the ideal hybrid of this breed; you must consult your concerned vet in case of an increase and decrease in it.

How Long Does Japeke Live

Your Japeke can live for about 14-16 years, while your median lifespan is almost 15 years. It is a fact that small breeds tend to live more as they age slowly than bigger dogs.

How Much Does a Japeke Cost

You can expect to pay between $1000 and $1500 for a Japeke from a reputable breeder. You can also use this pup in dog shows for its furry and handsome looks. A dog with a prize-winning pedigree can cost you more.

Japeke Temperament/Personality

The Japeke is a loving and loyal dog that is affectionate to the family. Many of these pups do not like unfamiliar people sometimes and will growl at them. However, this would be considered a serious fault which you have to keep away with the right training at an early age of the pup.

For its friendliness and joyful nature, this doggy is a delight to have at home. It is very loyal to its owner and family and loves to be around them. A bored, untrained doggy will become destructive, so it needs a fun-loving and active family.

An ideal lapdog who is very protective of his owner will protect them with everything in that small body. If raised improperly and not trained at an early age, Japeke can become stubborn, shy, or aggressive. Thus, you have to understand their needs and train them well.

Caring for Japeke

Like a little dog, the Japeke is more vulnerable to injuries and bumping into stuff. It would be best if you train them for Dog Crate and keep them inside. To give your little pup a cozier feel, you can use Dog Crate Mat inside.

Japeke Nutrition

Smaller dogs have little appetite, same as Japeke. It can be filled with one cup of a high-quality dog diet. However, the owner has to make sure that the diet he is giving to the pup must be full of nutrition and grain-free. We recommend some dog food brands that deliver such quality food: Human-Grade Dog Food, Annamaet Dog Food, and Addiction Dog Food.

How to Groom a Japeke

The Japeke’s ample coat needs daily brushing with a delicate Dog Brush. It can be a great shedder, but brushing can keep the shedding at a minimum. You will need to trim his hair by talking to an expert groomer. Beyond this, brush your pup’s teeth with special dog toothpaste. These toothpastes are specially flavored according to your dog’s taste to develop the habit of teeth brushing easily.

 Japeke Activity Levels

Japeke has moderate to low activity needs. He can meet his exercise needs simply by running around inside the house. Therefore, it is suitable for apartment and condo living. They are, however, playful and can be prone to anxiety if left alone for several hours.

Caring for Japeke

Keeping your Japeke healthy and happy requires proper care, if it’s diet, grooming, exercise, and health. It needs a trip to the professional pet groomer every 8–12 weeks. In addition, clean the eyes and ears regularly. Due to their abundance of fur, it is important to keep them cool by making them wear Dog Cooling Vests. Also, keep them away from high temperatures and trim the fur when it is hot.

Japeke Health

Japeke is a healthy hybrid other than few ailments which he inherited from his toy breed parents. These ailments are Patellar Luxation, Intervertebral Disc, Cataracts, Brachycephalic Syndrome, and Cleft Palate. Every one of you wants their pup to be healthy, and for this, you have to follow the care aspects mentioned above and take your dog to the vet regularly.

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