Jug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Jug is an energetic crossbreed between the Jack Russell Terrier and the squishy-faced Pug dog breeds. He is a lively and friendly dog who loves being part of a family and will thrive in a family home. Easy to groom and train, he can be the best choice for a novice pet keeper.

It is a medium-sized canine with a smooth and glossy coat that is easily manageable. Loyal to a fault, it will form a strong bond with one person. Read on to know the rest of this amazing hybrid’s details.

Jug History

Jug Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Jug is a modern dog breed with its history and standards unavailable. Let’s look at its parent breeds for these details. The Jack Russell Terrier originated in the early 18th century in the United Kingdom as a hunting and tracking dog. It is a medium-sized dog with origins in fox hunting descending from the now extinct English White Terriers. These small tan and white terriers were skilled in routing out foxes from their dens. They are named after their breeder’s name “Reverend John Russell,” who was a parson and hunting enthusiast.

In sharp contrast, Pug is a wrinkly-faced strong dog that also originated in China. This dog became famous in Western Europe when the Portuguese traders brought it to Holland in the sixteenth century. In the 19th century, it became popularized as a royal companion when Queen Victoria developed a passion for pugs. In 1889 the first Pug was recognized with the American Kennel Club. It gained immense popularity after appearing in a Hush Puppy shoe ad campaign.

Jug Characteristics

The parents of Jug dog are similar in size but different in other physical features and temperaments. Their resulting hybrid can take on more characteristics from one parent or the other depending on the parental gene dominancy. Mostly the Jug is a medium-sized canine with a smooth and glossy coat that may be either black, tan, silver, or white color variations. The facial features show inclination more towards the Pug as it has a broad muzzle and the Pug’s characteristic mask.

How Big to Jug Get

Generally, Jug stands up to 8-12 inches and may weigh anywhere from 8 to 14 lbs. The bitch stands comparatively low in a range between 8-10 inches.

How Long Does Jug Live

The average life expectancy of your Jug dog is around 15 years. Keeping your pup at a healthy weight and the right living conditions is one of the best ways to ensure that they stick around for as long as possible.

How Much Does a Jug Cost

Expect to buy a Jug in the range of $500 to $800. Low prices could mean trouble for designer breeds as the careless breeder sells at cheap rates. The genuine and careful breeders always provide you with vet records, parents on-site, and health certificates, not even the pup but also his parents.

Jug Temperament/Personality

The Jug is a wonderful companion dog that can also be a working pup. Like its parents, it is intelligent, athletic, fearless, and a little vocal. Having two outstanding parents, it can be a lot of dogs in a small space. Its energy and stamina make it ideally suited to several different dog sports.

It is common for these little yet strong designer dogs to become moody or destructive if not properly exercised. By chewing and scratching different stuff, they create fun when left alone. Thus, leaving them alone for a longer duration would not be a good idea. This dog is very fond of children and sturdy enough to play with them properly.

Caring for Jug

Train your Jug dog well in their puppyhood to remain the best and obedient dogs throughout their life. You can consult a Dog Training Book for their best training. These pups do not do well if relegated alone outside for longer durations. Continue reading this heading as it discusses the diet, grooming, care, and health of your hybrid.

Jug Nutrition

Jugs have digestive tracks optimized for a carnivorous diet. Standard or cheap commercial dog food may be harmful. Food high in corn and fillers are also not the best choice. Feed them on Organic Dog Food that is free of any fillers. You can also give home-cooked meals with natural ingredients.

How to Groom a Jug

Jug requires minimal maintenance needing biweekly brushing with a dog brush. This breed is prone to shedding frequently, and seasonal changes can affect this tendency more. Regular coat brushing will overcome this issue. You can sue Vacuum for Dog Hair to avoid the dead hair spreading around.

Jug Activity Levels

The Jug will have medium energy levels enough for 30-40 minutes of exercise or walks daily. Obedience trials and game of fetch in the yard are enough to send this pup off to a solid nap. You can give Puzzle Toys for Dogs and Interactive Dog Toys to keep his mind occupied.

Caring for Jug

When adding a dog to your family, you want to make sure your pup is happy, healthy, and protected. It is crucial to take care of its diet, exercise, and all other needs. The early life training of Jug is your foremost responsibility. He can have a stubborn side which you can control with proper handling.

Since obesity can happen within 2 to 3 pounds with this breed so have portion control of its meal by requiring 2 cups of dry dog diet into 3-4 portions. You can keep this pup in a house without a yard, as it can adapt well for apartment living.

Jug Health

The Jug is known to be a healthier dog with few common ailments. It can be prone to breathing problems, especially in warmer weather. Other diseases that plagued its parents are Eye conditions, Obesity, Hydrocephaly, Patellar Luxation, Skin conditions, Cardiomyopathy, Deafness, Von Willebrand’s, Joint Issues, and Cryptorchidism. Buy from a reputable breeder to minimize the possibility of these health issues.

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