Karakachan Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Karakachan is another native breed with a pure-blooded descent. We don’t know what breeds are related to the Karakachan with a 100 percent surety. Till now, we have only speculated on its origins, but does it matter. We are here to understand whether this is the best breed for you or not. We don’t care about its past; we only care about what it means to us now.

Without any more delays, let’s just dive into it and learn heaps about our little buddy. Believe us; you won’t be disappointed.

Karakachan History

Karakachan Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Karakachan is a gift to the world from Mother Nature and sweet Bulgaria. This breed has been around for a very long time. The Karakachan was and still is used as a livestock guarding dog. It is an able-bodied gentleman and can take care of its surroundings with accuracy. The Karakachan title or name has been taken from the Karakachan Sheep of the Karakachan people. These were the earliest possible tamed sheep, and the Karakachan was their guardian.

The Karakachan, with its sheer size, could withstand bear attacks, wolves, and many more threats. Its strength was no joke, which is why it remained relevant throughout the ages. The best boom to its popularity came about in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The Karakachan people still relied on this breed to keep their livestock in place. They experienced a decline by the end of the 1930s due to communal farms. Fortunately, a few managed to survive and grow.

Karakachan Characteristics

The Karakachan is a massive breed with explosive muscles. You can expect the Karakachan to have muscles like Dwayne the Rock Johnson. It will have a well-proportioned body with strong legs. The Karakachan will have a large head and a strong muzzle. The coat of the Karakachan will usually be medium-long to slightly long. The coat colors will usually be Brindle, Brown, Sable, Pied, and Black. The Karakachan will have small eyes and drooping ears.

How Big do Karakachan Get

The Karakachan isn’t a small breed, as stated above several times. The male Karakachan will commonly be 25 to 29 inches tall and 85 to 120 lbs heavy. The female Karakachan will usually be 24 to 27 inches tall and 65 to 100 lbs heavy. You can expect the weight to vary based on the diet being provided.

How Long Does Karakachan Live

So you want to know how long your buddy will stay beside you. We have good news for you. The Karakachan has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. What can you do to expand that lifespan? As a responsible partner, it is your job to give your buddy good healthcare and a lot of love. If you manage to pull both of these things off, your buddy will live an even longer life.

How Much Does a Karakachan Cost

The cost of the Karakachan will vary between the figures 800 and 1200. The price of the Karakachan is highly dependent on the area that you reside in. The reason for that is the apparent rarity of the breed. Additionally, you will have a hard time finding a breeder with the Karakachan. If you do find a breeder with this breed, we would advise you not to rush in.

Karakachan Temperament/Personality

The Karakachan is an excellent guardian dog and even better family dog. It will love being around its family. It has the size of a giant but the touch of a fairy. The touch of a fairy part only applies to members of its family. It will need to be socialized to tolerate friendly strangers. If it is not socialized properly, then we might have a slight problem.

Training the Karakachan isn’t for beginners. The Karakachan is a brilliant breed that requires independence. You will have to be very focused and determined in your training routines for them to work. You will also have to make the routines as interactive as possible. Boredom for this breed means that you’ve lost the training battle. It would be best if you used Dog treats and a Dog Training Book to have it trained properly.

Caring for Karakachan

What can you do to make your buddy feel more appreciated? What can you do to tell your buddy that he matters as much as any part of your family? The answer is simple; learn to take care of your buddy properly.

Karakachan Nutrition

As has been stated above, the Karakachan is a massive breed. You will have to give it at least three to four standard cups of food to maintain its health. It would be best if you were willing to use something healthy like Eukanuba Dog Food or Beneful Dog Food. There are numerous other choices available in the Dog Food section too.

How to Groom a Karakachan

Grooming the Karakachan probably won’t be that easy, especially if you live in a warm region. You will have to keep the coat untangled and well brushed. We recommend brushing its coat every day with a good Dog Brush. Bathing it should be a rare activity. Bathe it once per two or three months. You will have to cut its nails after every two to three weeks. You will also have to brush its teeth every other day.

Karakachan Activity Levels

The Karakachan is a big breed and requires at least an hour of daily activity. The more active you keep the Karakachan, the happier it will be. It would be best if you kept the Karakachan leashed on walks because it can get slightly aggressive. Breaking down the exercise sessions into smaller parts would be the best strategy.

Caring for Karakachan

Like most breeds adapted to the winter, the Karakachan won’t do too well with the sun. Primarily keep it as far away from the summer sun as possible. Vigorous activities in the heat can lead to severe problems for the Karakachan. The second most important thing is keeping it close to you. This is a double deal because it will also allow you to supervise its actions. Finally, don’t let it even taste chocolate or alcohol.

Karakachan Health

The best thing about pure-blooded breeds is their immunity. The Karakachan is one such breed. It has almost no cracks in its immunity. The worst conditions are age-related and Bloat. We both know that these conditions are nothing compared to the nasty stuff other breeds have to face. Rejoice in your good luck and take no chances. Please take your buddy to the vet’s office once per month, don’t take its health for granted.

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