Korat Cat Breed Information – Everything You Want to Know

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Korat Cat BreedA cat originated from Thailand and is known as a living symbol of prosperity and luck.

The Korat cat is known for its compact, muscular body, easygoing nature, and low-maintenance breed.

The Korat cat breed is one of the oldest cats with a tremendous personality that you will discover below.

Korat History

Talking about the documented mentions of this breed, it was in Treatise on Cat in 1350.

In that book, seventeen good luck cats were mentioned, and Korat was one of them.

The Korat cat mainly originated from Thailand, the Korat (province of Thailand).

It is strongly believed that the Korat cat is a blessing in disguise for the residents of Thailand.

Before the 19th mid-century, these cats were never sold but only gifted to newlyweds.

In 1950, a pair of Korat cats were bought in the United States, and its breeding started.

The Cat Fanciers Association Championship accepted the Korat cat breed in 1966.

Korat Key Facts

The Korat cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, and it belongs to Thailand when a different name knew Thailand.

In Thailand, the Korat cat was known as the Si-Sawat.

These cats have beautiful green eyes, but at the time of birth, their eye color is blue.

The Korat cat reaches maturity slowly, around the age of two.

The Korat cats’ fur is of only one color, and it comes in a blue base with silver-coated patterns.

The term used for these cats is” A cat with five heats.”

This is because, along with having a heart, there is a heart-shaped mark on the top of its head, which can be seen from the top.

How Big Do Korat Get?

The Korat is a medium-sized cat weighing between 6 – 10 pounds.

It has a long, slender, and thin build with an average length of around 13 inches.

You can help your Korat maintain a healthy weight by ensuring that you are feeding them good quality cat food.

Korat Lifespan

The Korat is a healthy breed and is generally resistant to getting sick.

This gives them a long-life expectancy of 10 – 15 years.

Their overall health depends on various factors, including weight, feed, and physical activity.

Another important factor that determines their life expectancy is whether they are indoor or outdoor cats.

How Much Does A Korat Cost?

The Korat is a fairly rare breed.

So, breeders have to work hard to keep up with the supply of this wild-looking cat.

This gap in demand and supply makes the average price of this breed fall between $500 and $1000.

You may also have to get accessories, which may cost anywhere between $100 and $200.

Korat Personality

Most people believe that the best part about owning a Korat is their looks, but the Korat also has a great and pleasant personality; they are friendly, outgoing, and intelligent.

Their high intelligence means they will learn tricks much faster than other cats and impress anyone visiting your home.

Their intelligence has also been a great aid in making them top-tier competition cats, as they can be taught various tricks to perform in shows.

The Korat is an affectionate cat that values quality time with its owner; they form close bonds with them and like to spend a lot of time playing and interacting.

The Korats are intelligent cats and are always curious about new things.

Cuddling in your lap will be the best activity of the day for your Korat cat as it is very loving and enjoys affection.

Leaving your Korat cat alone for a long time can develop anxiety and stress in them, leading to behavior problems.

Caring For A Korat

Caring for you, the Korat is one of the easiest tasks due to their short and sparse coat, which doesn’t require much cleaning or brushing.

You have to take care of their diets and other small things like clipping their nails and brushing their teeth—more on that in the next section.

Korat Nutrition

Like most other shorthaired domestic cats, the Korat has basic nutrition requirements.

The best way to determine the amount you need to feed them is through their weight.

This will prevent you from overfeeding your cat, which can cause obesity and lead to early death.

Feeding your cat high-quality cat food is another important thing to remember, as lower-quality cat foods don’t have all the required nutrients to keep your cat healthy.

Also, ensure that your cat has access to fresh water at all times.

How To Groom A Korat?

Grooming the Korat is an easy task as their short coat doesn’t require brushing more than once a week.

You don’t have to bathe them, but you may use a high-quality shampoo and limit bathing to once a month if you think they are getting dirty.

Clipping their nails and brushing their teeth should be an integral part of their grooming routine.

Korat Activity Levels

The Korat is a highly active cat that moves around quite a bit.

These active cats love exploring, moving around the house, and jumping from place to place.

This helps maintain their body weight and keep diseases away.

If you keep them as indoor cats, then ensure that they have space to roam around.

Korat Health Concerns

The Korat is a healthy breed, but they are new, and there isn’t much data to show what kinds of diseases they might develop.

The most common problem that your Korat might develop is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Heart Murmurs.

Both of these health issues are prevalent in all breeds of cats.


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