Labernard Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Labernard breed is a hybrid breed produced by the crossing of Labrador Retriever and Saint Bernard. The pup is an amalgam of various characteristics of their parents. Both of his parents are working dogs. They are usually large dogs with heavy bodies.

This canine requires a professional trainer for his training and not suitable for the novice owner. They are tall with usually brown eyes along with black noses. The unmatchable strength of these dogs is no different from their parent breed. It is a little bit complicated to train a Labernard, but guidance from a Dog Training Book can help you in this regard.

Labernard History

Labernard Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWe are going to see the Labernard’s ancestral history due to lack of its own. The Labrador Retriever, often abbreviated to Labrador, started in Canada during the 1800s. It is a popular dog breed that is used as a gun dog and water retriever dog. The dog is very popular, especially in the western hemisphere. It is also trained as a guide dog for people with blindness or autism and is also given the role of a therapy dog.

In 1917 the American Kennel Club officially registered this great breed with outstanding qualities. Saint Bernard or St. Bernard is a large dog and known to be one of the Molossoid breeds. The dog originated in the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. The dog was named after a monk Great St Bernard Pass, who used it to rescue lost travelers on the Italian-Swiss border. The other names for this breed are Alpine Mountain Dogs or Alpine Cattle Dogs.

Labernard Characteristics

Both of his parents are large; thus, Labernard is also a bigger dog. Their parents are working dogs, so is he. Due to heavyweight, it requires a large amount of food daily. Its thick, dense coat has water repellent quality. The small nose is usually black-colored. Wrinkles also present on the forehead of this breed. They are strong dogs and use for though work and for security purposes. They are also considered as the intelligent type of dog breed.

How Big to Labernard Get

The height of Labernard is around 25-27 inches in the case of a male, and height varies between 23-25 inches in the case of a female. The weight of male Labernard is 102-220 Ibs while its female weighs around 98-215 Ibs.

How Long Does Labernard Live

The life span of Labernard is approximately 8 to 12 years in normal. The variations may also occur according to the canine’s health, physical fitness, and mental condition. Care is also one of the big factors behind its life.

How Much Does a Labernard Cost

Labernard is a crossbreed, so it cost less as compared to the purebred dogs. A puppy of this hybrid costs around $1000. It will need some items, such as a Dog collar and Leash for Dogs that Pull, Dog Bowls, Dog Crate, and carrier. These costs will start at $120.

Labernard Temperament/Personality

Labernard is a sturdy and powerful dog, yet it is soft by heart. They are of charming personality with a sharp mind and excellent picking ability. Intelligent enough to be trained easily, these canines need a professional trainer owing to their immense size. They are also friendly and highly alert dogs.

Predictably, they cannot live for longer periods alone as separation anxiety can quickly take control of this gentle canine. Their behavior towards kids and friends is friendly. If they are trained properly, they can be very awesome pets and useful for many tasks. Their alertness and protective nature make them excellent watchdogs.

Caring for Labernard

Like many other dogs, Labernard also wants proper care and attention. It needs to live in an open area and not likely to live in apartments and small areas. Proper food, exercise, grooming, early life socialization, and training are the foremost things to care about once you take a pup home.

Labernard Nutrition

Labernards are large thus require highly nutritious food to fulfill their body needs. This canine must have at least 4 cups of high-quality Dog Food. Make sure that the pup doesn’t overeat, as obesity can lead to serious health issues.

How to Groom a Labernard

Labernard needs brushing with a pin brush to avoid shedding. Their sharp teeth need proper care to keep them away from periodontal diseases. Check their ears frequently and wipe with dog ear cleaners to avoid irritation. Cut the nails to prevent breakage and avoid mud or bacteria clotting in between them.

Labernard Activity Levels

Labernard is a large dog and needs the exercise of at least 45 minutes daily. This charming canine is a highly active and energetic dog by nature. They want more exercise like that of Labrador Retrievers. The apartment is not a suitable place for him to live. It can be happy in a yard and also enjoy playing ball games.

Caring for Labernard

The bigger the dog, the more responsibility you have to take for its care. Your Labernard needs proper training in its early ages through a professional trainer. Take care of his diet and assure that his food is healthy and safe to eat. You can also take your vet’s recommendation in this regard.

Bathe your dog when you found that it is necessary for him. Use shampoo containing natural oils in it. A regular visit to the vet is essential for the pup’s health. Check his ears before bathing as there is a risk of infection. Due to the thick coat, regular grooming is also one of the big requirements.

Labernard Health

Labernard is a big dog and has the possibility of big health problems. Its health problems also come from parents. There are chances of hip and elbow dysplasia as this disease is present in both of his parents. Other possible diseases are Gastric Torsion, Otitis Externa, Entropion, Cataracts, and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). You can alleviate the risk of these diseases with a healthy veterinary visit.

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