Labollie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The sturdy and sweet Labollie is a mix of Labrador Retriever and Collie dog breeds. Intelligent, active, and friendly, he inherited some of the best qualities from both parents. Despite being a hybrid, this pup is officially registered by the Dog Registry of America. He craves time with his humans, so you need to accompany the most of the time as leaving alone can cause distress. Due to little known information and the history of this hybrid, we are looking at its parent breeds.

Labollie History

Labollie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Labrador Retriever, originally known as St. John’s Dog, originated in Canada during the 1800s. It is a popular dog because of its intelligence, strength, and sniffing prowess. Widely used as a gun dog and water retriever dog, it contributes to the narcotics, searches, and rescue departments. We can trace the Molosser (a Mastiff type breed) in the progeny of Labrador Retriever. In sharp contrast, the Collie is a working and herding dog that originated in Scotland and Northern England.

Many dog breeds came under the standard version Collie, which are medium-sized dogs with pointed muzzles. Some examples are Rough Collie, Border Collie, etc. However, many Collies dog types do not include “collie” in their name, such as Welsh Sheepdog. The Collie is an active and agile dog breed with a great ability to herd and all types of animals. These dogs are famous around the world, especially in Australia and North America. It is considered that the Roman brought this dog to the British world.

Labollie Characteristics

The Labollie is a medium-sized breed with a long coat-like Collie. It might also have the smooth coat of Labrador Retriever, depending on the gene dominancy. The body is stocky and sturdy with a smooth or feathered pointy tail. Ears are not drop-down, thus not prone to infections. He has varying color assortments, and the most common out of them are black-and-tan, red, red-and-tan, sable, blue merle with white markings.

How Big to Labollie Get

Labollie shows fluctuations in weight and height as it is a hybrid dog. The males stand around 26-28 inches, while females are 24-26 inches. Besides, the weight is 63-105 lbs. for females, and for males, it ranges between 65-110 lbs.

How Long Does Labollie Live

“How long will my dog live?” this is the question that often compels owners to ask. The average life span of a Labollie dog is 12-15 years. It is the life span of a medium-sized breed which is likely to extend with good care.

How Much Does a Labollie Cost

You can expect a Labollie to cost between $9,000 and $1000 from a reputable breeder. Buy your hybrid from a reputable breeder. Before buying, talk with a trusted veterinarian to ensure that you are prepared to handle the medical care for that particular canine.

Labollie Temperament/Personality

The Labollie is a gentle, loyal and friendly canine who thrives on human interaction. It is very protective of its owners, as it has to guard instincts against its loyal parents. With their families, they tend to be placid and love nothing more than to be with their human family.

The fun-loving boisterousness of this pup requires early training and right handling to ensure it does not get out of hand. Remember, training and socialization is crucial from the very early age of a pup; otherwise, an uncontrolled grown-up dog can be problematic for life. They can be great working and companion dogs but don’t like being left alone for any length of time.

Caring for Labollie

Bringing any pup into your life will mean many changes. Therefore, we have compiled this section of care aspects to help you better understand how to keep your Labollie in the best of health.

Labollie Nutrition

Agile and active, Labollie requires a fair amount of Grain Free Dog Food that contains healthy fats and proteins. Stay away from unidentified meat by-products and blood meals! This dog needs to stick to a healthy diet, as overeating can cause weight gain and other health issues.

How to Groom a Labollie

The Labollie has moderate grooming needs as it doesn’t shed a lot. Weekly brushing with a Dog Brush is sufficient to get rid of tangles. It is best to use a Dog Shampoo that is specially manufactured for your dog’s sensitive skin. The drop-down ears of this breed are prone to infections, so clean regularly with Dog Ear Cleaners.

Labollie Activity Levels

Labollie has medium energy levels, but it can get destructive if adequate exercise is not offered. With this moderate activity, the dog enjoys long walks, jogging, or running to burn off energy. It loves mind-engaging games such as ball games, and these are necessary for mental stimulation. You can also go for Automatic Fetch Machines to let your dog enjoy a ball fetching game.

Caring for Labollie

Labollie is an even-tempered dog that can adapt well to any living situation. However, you have to keep him safe from extreme cold or hot climates keeping inside. The availability of clean and fresh water must be ensured, especially in warm seasons. The nails of this doggy need checking and regular trimming.

Early socialization and training are key for this pup to be perfect for you. Try to get it into the habit of daily teeth cleaning from an early age for dental hygiene. They could embark on destructive behavior like chewing and digging if not exercised properly.

Labollie Health

As with many other hybrid breeds, the Labollie doesn’t suffer from many health problems as their parent breeds. It is because of “hybrid vigor,” which increases the variety of desirable genes. However, these dogs can have few health concerns, including Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and Allergies. These dogs can have joint issues in adult age, so check in with your veterinarian regularly about your dog’s weight and other wellbeing concerns.

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