Labrador Husky Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

You might be thinking from this name that Labrador Husky is a cross between Labrador Retrievers and the Husky dog, but this is not true. Labrador Huskies have a distinctive wolf-like appearance, and they were developed in an area of Canada known as Labrador; thus, they are named so.

We hope this name mislead you the next time. However, it won’t be wrong to say that these dogs are powerful and intelligent as Lab and Husky breeds. They were used to pull sleds and kept at home as companion dogs.

Labrador Husky History

Labrador Husky Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Labrador Husky has its origin in a region of northern Canada known as Labrador. They might be crossed with wolves to increase their adaptability in the cold icy conditions. They were used as sled dogs, especially in packs, and arrived with the Thule Inuit people in the 1300s. Another belief about their lineage is they also shared Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd’s blood.

The other names for this breed are Golden Husky, Labusky, Canadian Labrador Husky, Huret, Labrahusky, American Husky, and Canada De Huskygher. With time, breeders crossed this breed with various other dogs intending to increase their skills and endurance. It possesses many great qualities and can be perfect for your companion dog and working dog. However, this dog breed is very little known, and there are no breed clubs that currently recognize it.

Labrador Husky Characteristics

The Labrador Husky has a wolf-like appearance, but they don’t have the wolves’ characteristics face lines like Siberian Husky. Although the adaptability, working prowess skills, and abilities are like the Huskies and similar dogs. They are medium-sized with a compact boy, smooth coat, profound chest, and strong legs. In addition, their pointy prick ears are less prone to infection and moist trap.

How Big to Labrador Husky Get

Labrador Husky is around 20-28 inches in height and weighs between 60-100 lbs. The male dog is bigger than the female, with a larger frame and heavier bone. The bitch stands around 20-26 inches at the withers while its weight is 60-90 lbs.

How Long Does Labrador Husky Live

The Labrador Husky has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years. You should be aware of his health conditions and keep him healthy and fit by proper care and regular wellness visits to the vet.

How Much Does a Labrador Husky Cost

The price range for a Labrador Husky can span anywhere from $900 to $1000. This price may vary depending on availability and your breeder. Some top breeders and show dog breeders charge a lot more than that.

Labrador Husky Temperament/Personality

Good with children and other dogs; Labrador Husky needs early socialization to polish these skills. On the whole, he is kind, pleasant, and outgoing that makes an excellent family dog. He does very well in performance events because of his high intelligence level and willingness to work.

These large canines are good companions rarely have aggression issues, but their imposing size makes them deterrents to unwanted visitors. It is extremely friendly, even with strangers so unable to be a guard dog. However, you can train him to be the dog of desired traits and skills.

Labrador Husky can also be used for service work, often trained in helping people with physical disabilities move around from place to place. However, if left alone for too long, they can become destructive and mischievous through boredom. This goofy pup likes to be involved with whatever you are doing. They’ll be right up next to you with their nose pushed into whatever you are trying to get on with.

Caring for Labrador Husky

It is worth mentioning that upbringing plays a profound role in the personality of your dog. That’s where socialization and training come. Provide the best diet you can and fulfill other needs like grooming, exercise, and health care. Below are some worth-reading points regarding your pup’s care.

Labrador Husky Nutrition

Labrador Husky needs a controlled, strict diet to prevent overeating, weight issues, and digestive issues. A high-quality kibble with plenty of protein and nutrients is the best bet. It is best to talk to your vet about what food is best to feed for this puppy. Also, you can opt for any one of these brands Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food, Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food, Nature’s Recipe Dog Food, etc.

How to Groom a Labrador Husky

The double coat of Labrador Husky needs regular brushing to keep healthy and well maintained. Brushing also helps the blood flow and distribute the body’s natural oils. He sheds lightly throughout the year in addition to a heavier shed in the spring and fall. To prevent tooth decay, brush his teeth at least three times a week.

Labrador Husky Activity Levels

Labrador Husky is a highly active canine that needs an hour of daily activity. The games and plays that work the mind as well as the physical body makes your pup happy. You never want the Lab Husky to get bored as he may chew stuff when getting bored. It would be best to take him outside wearing Dog Collar.

Caring for Labrador Husky

Labrador Husky needs full attention and care. Make sure to provide a Dog Sweater or coat if the weather gets too frosty. At the same time, seek out shade and fresh water during the hotter months.

Most experts recommend that this dog breed lives in an apartment unless the owner is prepared to devote at least an outside hour daily for exercise and play. The most important thing to remember is that he gets daily activity to stay out of mischief and be healthy.

Labrador Husky Health

Labrador Husky is a healthy dog breed with no known history of ailments. However, he may suffer from Canine Hip Dysplasia (Chd), Skin Infections, and Patellar Luxation.

We strongly encourage you to buy only from breeders who do health screening and provide you with a pup’s health certificate.

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