Landseer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Landseer dog is a giant-sized canine that has its origins in Canada. These purebred dogs have always been confused with Dalmatian dogs due to their similar coat colors: black and white. Most people don’t have knowledge about this breed in America. This Canadian dog has been known since the start of the 19th century, and it is quite popular in its hometown.

Despite the size, the Landseer is like a can full of energy. They enjoy playing and fooling around the house. They don’t find it difficult to get along with family and small kids. However, supervision is always recommended when they’re around small pets and children. They are protective and caring by nature and consider it as a responsibility to defend their loved ones. 

Landseer History

Landseer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Landseer is believed to be the descendent of Landseer Europeans who have origins in Canada. They made their way to England by the 18th century, when a fisherman imported from Newfoundland for retrieving hunt, as they have high energy levels with good swimming ability. They gained their popularity in no time and became one of the most used dogs in pieces and arts. 

The Landseer became the reason for the popularity of a well-known artist named Edwin Henry, who used these dogs in his amazing art pieces. WW I wasn’t good for these dogs, as they became extinct, and many breeders from different countries like Sweden, Netherland, and Canada restarted this breed just after the end of the war.  

Landseer Characteristics

Landseer is a powerful giant-sized canine with a well-proportioned body. They have long, strong legs that give them a square silhouette. These canines have a medium-length muzzle, arched skull, and broad large head. They have triangular-shaped ears and wide oval eyes with brown color. Their coat is short to medium-length that is black and white-colored. 

How Big Do Landseer Get

Landseer dog is purebred with long stature and giant-sized body. The males’ height is between 39 -32 inches, and their weight is somewhere between 140 – 175 pounds. The females are slightly shorter, with a height between 27 – 29 inches weighing between 120 – 145 pounds. 

How Long Does a Landseer Live

As most big-sized canines live shorter lives than smaller ones, the Landseer would also enjoy a shorter lifespan. If they don’t get any severe disease, they can live between 8 – 10 years. Providing them healthy food and taking care of their daily necessities would help to enhance their life. 

How much Does a Landseer Cost?

The Landseer is a unique and uncommon dog, which makes them pricey. However, you can get this dog for a price that can vary between $2000 to $2500. If you’re willing to get this dog from outside of their homeland, then expect to pay more than their average price and make sure to check the lineage of the canine. 

Landseer Temperament/Personality

Landseer is a gentle, well-behaved, and caring dog. Mostly, these dogs are intellectual and friendly toward their owner and other human family members. But sometimes, they may want to make their own decisions and do whatever they want due to their independent personality, so you’d have to train them calmly and patiently. 

The Landseer is always ready to hang out with little fellas at home. They are easy-going and love to play with their human friends but make sure to supervise during their playtime with kids, as the small size of kids won’t help them, and they may get hurt from their overwhelmed actions. 

Caring for Landseer 

Landseer doesn’t want to spend time alone. They constantly need somebody to interact with and be with them, so they don’t leave them alone for a long time. Lack of attention and care may lead them to develop destructive behaviors. Continue reading to learn more about your big boy. 

Landseer Nutrition

The Landseer is big-sized, and big size means a lot of energy, so they would demand a high amount of good quality food to maintain their health and energy. 3 to 4 cups of top-notch special dog food would be enough to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. However, they are prone to obesity, so don’t let them eat idly. 

How to Groom a Landseer 

Landseer has a double-coated coat and high shedding levels, so they demand a good amount of care when it comes to their grooming. Brush their coat three to four times a week with a special dog’s brush and daily during shedding seasons. In addition, trim their nails timely with nail clippers and brush their teeth with special dog’s toothpaste to avoid dental problems. 

Landseer Activity Levels

Daily exercise and activity are necessary for any dog to stimulate its mind and body. Similarly, the Landseer demands daily playtime and exercise to stay fit and healthy. It would help if you gave them at least 45 minutes a day to release their energy and to have little fun. In addition,  dogs’ toys would be good for their mental stimulation. 

Caring for Landseer 

Landseers are prone to obesity, so take care of their diet and keep an eye on their eating habits. Take them on short walks in a day and make them feel at home by spending enough time with them. Again, take care of their diet and keep their body at moderate temperature, as they are heat sensitive.

Landseer Health

Landseer is purebred, and they have minimum chances of getting a severe disease. But they can catch some diseases due to seasonal and environmental change, including Hip dysplasia and Gastric Dilation Volvulus and Bloat. Other minor health concerns are heat sensitivity, Thrombopathia, and Joint conditions. Take them to their vet for proper checkups monthly. 

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