Lha-Cocker Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Lha-Cocker is a cute mix of the two tiny and adorable breeds, Lhasa Apso and American Cocker Spaniel. Like its parents, the Lha-Cocker is also a small-sized dog growing no more than about 12 inches tall and have a friendly yet alert nature. They are quite loyal and protective of their owners and are quick to act as soon as they sense danger.

Lha-Cockers normally have long, floppy ears, a brown or black nose that is pretty good at sniffing, and short and stacky legs. In addition, their coat is long and can be silky and straight or wavy and rough depending on the dominant gene. The coat colors are variable and may be black, red, brown, cream, fawn, brindle, or sable.

Lha-Cocker History

Lha Cocker Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Lha-Cocker is a new breed, and not much is known about it. However, we do know plenty about the parents. The Lhasa Apso is of Tibetan origin and is amongst the oldest known dog breeds. They are believed to be bred from Tibetan Mountain Wolves and Tibetan Terriers, and they used to be the guardians of monasteries and could only be afforded by the royalty. The Dalai Lama would exchange these dogs as gifts for good luck.

The American Cocker Spaniel originated in the 1800s in the US, and it was developed for the purpose of retrieving and hunting. It was separated from English Cocker Spaniel on the basis of size and hunting ability. The Americans preferred small-sized Spaniels and utilized them for shows and companions. These dogs are the 29th most popular breed in the US.

Lha-Cocker Characteristics

The Lha-Cockers are not the easiest to train because of their stubborn nature. They can be aggressive, and it’s important not to let them win; otherwise, they won’t let us forget! They can become snappy if teased too much and can cause harm to small children. However, early training can shape them into wonderful dogs and great family pets.

How Big Do Lha-Cockers Get

The height of a male Lha-Cocker is 12-14 inches, and it weighs between 15-25 pounds. On the other hand, a female Lha-Cocker grows 10-13 inches tall and weighs around 13-23 pounds. They are 8-10 inches tall and weigh 10.5-12.5 pounds when they are six months old, and when they turn one, they are about 9-11 inches tall and weigh 14-16 pounds.

How Long Does A Lha-Cocker Live

The usual lifespan of a Lha-Cocker is 12-15 years. It’s an extremely healthy dog who will get to live a long and healthy life.  We can also play a significant role in lifting these digits by taking good care of our dog, ensuring that it has a good diet, enough physical and mental exercise, and lots of love and attention.

How Much Does A Lha-Cocker Cost

A Lha-Cocker sure is rare, and we won’t find it in a local shelter. To get our hands on one of these, we’ll have to look for a good breeder, and that can cost us around $1500. Other expenses can go around $500-$700 per year and include professional grooming, flea prevention, toys, etc.

Lha-Cocker Temperament/Personality

The Lha-Cockers commonly inherit the Lhasa Apso parent’s vigilant gene, and they make good watchdogs and are sure to alert their family members by barking if they sense danger. However, they can be moody at times, so they are suitable only for small families where they can be totally comfortable.

Lha-Cockers can be aggressive if they are teased or bothered too much and can become dangerous around small children. So, we shouldn’t leave them unattended. But, other than that, they are quite loving and, with some early socialization training, they prove themselves to be a wonderful company.

Caring For Lha-Cocker

Lha-Cockers respond well to positive reinforcement and become aggressive in case physical punishment is done. So, we want to ensure that our doggies feel safe and have a good attitude so that they also cooperate with us. In addition, a healthy diet, enough exercise, and lots of attention are the key to taking good care of Lha-Cockers.

Lha-Cocker Nutrition

Dry dog food and grain-free dog food are a great choice for Lha-Cockers, and we should be careful to give them a balanced amount of food because they are prone to obesity. We want to make protein an essential part of their diet for healthy growth and avoid ingredients like soy, corn, and wheat. Occasional treats are good, but too much of them can be dangerous for our dogs.

How To Groom A Lha-Cocker

Lhasa-Cockers are not so easy to maintain because of their long and dense coat. They require thorough grooming almost 5-6 times a week with the right grooming clippers, and because of their sensitive skin, we should use medicated shampoos during baths. We might want to get them groomed by a professional groomer a few times a year so that their coat is easily manageable. Also, we should regularly clean their ears and brush their teeth as part of our grooming routine.

Lha-Cocker Activity Levels

The Lha-Cockers are not very active dogs, but we will have to keep them engaged in physical activity for at least 30-40 minutes daily, and their walk mileage per week should be at least 5 miles. Playing a game of fetch is a great idea because these dogs love being the center of attention and will expend enough energy throughout the game.

Caring For Lha-Cocker

Lha-Cockers are lovely and gentle dogs and, like all other dogs, will require positive reinforcement, a healthy diet, enough exercise, the right amount of attention and love, and mental puzzles and challenges to stay happy and fit.

Lha-Cocker Health

Lha-Cockers may inherit a few diseases from their parents, but there’s no guarantee that these cute dogs will suffer from these diseases. However, we should watch out for concerns like patellar luxation, retinal dysplasia, entropion, ectropion, skin fold dermatitis, hyperthyroidism, sicca (dry eye), and seborrhea.

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Best Dog Food for Lha-Cockers

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The best dog food for Lha-Cocker is Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small & Mini Breed Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food. This food has been developed with natural ingredients to support your little one’s growth. It contains prebiotic fibers that support excellent digestion.

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  • Provides a balanced diet.

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Best Puppy Food for Lha-Cockers

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Lha-Cocker is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. This food ensures delicious taste, while the real chicken in the recipe builds muscles through high-quality protein. 

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Best Dog Crate for Lha-Cockers

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Best Dog Bed for Lha-Cockers

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Best Dog Harness for Lha-Cockers

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