Llewellin Setter Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Llewellin Setter is also recognized as the Field-type-English-Setter and has a deep chest, an athletic appearance, long back, and almond or oval eyes that may be green, amber, or brown. Some individuals believe that the Llewellin Setter is a separate breed from the English Setter. On the other hand, others believe that it’s a strain of the same breed.

Compared to the Lavarack line, breeders have given the statement that the Llewellin Setters have shorter ears and have a higher tolerance for hot climates. In addition, they have a moderately dense coat that comes in many colors, including red, fawn, brown, and gray.

Llewellin Setter History

Llewellin Setter Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Llewellin Setter is the type of breed whose origin is quite argued about. According to writings from the 15th and the 16th centuries, these dogs were bred for hunting purposes about 400 years ago. However, the breed was refined as late as the 19th century.

Even after multiple crosses with different breeds of the Setter dogs, it is still a debate whether the Llewellin Setters are separate from English Setters or not. So, R. Purcell Whellin, a Welsh breeder, began his breeding program and obtained these marvelous dogs.

Llewellin Setter Characteristics

The Llewellin Setter is a dog of quite the character! It is dignified, elegant, graceful, mysterious, and polite. In addition, it is adventurous, amiable, kind, energetic, loyal, and playful. Furthermore, the Llewellin Setters are quite people-oriented and enjoy being involved in various activities with us.

As mentioned before, the Llewellin Setter has a dignified and athletic look. It likes to be friends with other dogs, but socialization training at early stages may be required for it to interact well with small children and other small animals.

How Big Do Llewellin Setters Get

A ½-year-old (male and female) Llewellin Setter grows about 20 inches tall, weighing around 33.5 pounds. A year-old can be 22 inches in height and 43 pounds in weight. Later on, they grow up to be 23-24 inches tall and weigh around 45-47 pounds.

How Long Does a Llewellin Setter Live

The customary lifespan for a Longhaired Whippet is 10-12 years. This is the average lifespan of a large-sized dog which has to carry its weight around, this can take a toll on their joints and make their lifespans shorter. But you can always ensure that they live towards the upper end of their lifespan by caring for them properly.

How Much Does a Llewellin Setter Cost

The average price one would have to pay for a Llewellin Setter could be $800-$1000. Annual expenses can be $300 and include several items such as collar and leash, automatic fetch machine because these are super active dogs, a dog house, etc.

Llewellin Setter Temperament/Personality

The Llewellin Setter has the instinct to find and hunt birds and has an enduring personality. At home, it is mild-mannered, polite, and kind. It has a dignified and elegant stature and a desire to be involved with its owners in all sorts of physical activities.

Because of their adventurous nature, the Llewellin Setters are also quite curious and are likely to wander off but will most definitely find their way back to their precious family members. Even so, it’d be nice to have GPS tracker to ensure our dog’s safety. They can be quite difficult to train, so experts should make an entrance in this department. Early socialization training should be provided.

Caring For Llewellin Setters

The Llewellin Setter is a very active dog and has an independent nature but also an amiable personality. It’s quite friendly and well-aware of its surroundings and doesn’t bully smaller pets and children. It likes to be included in multiple activities with people and enjoy sports and hunting.

Llewellin Setter Nutrition

Firstly, it is necessary to consult a vet before deciding on a proper diet for our pets. Llewellin Setters are light and have a well-defined, athletic build, so they shouldn’t be overfed. Instead, a well-balanced diet should be given to them, and about 3 cups of good quality dog food per day would be enough to keep them happy and healthy.

How to Groom a Llewellin Setter

Llewellin Setters have fine, long fur that requires brushing almost on a daily basis. They also have a slight dog odor which can be reduced by bathing them every 7-8 weeks. This is also a good time for trimming and tidying up the coat.

These dogs have hanging ears and thus are prone to ear infections, so regular visits to the vet should be made and ears should be cleaned using effective ear cleaners. Brushing teeth every 2-3 days prevents bad breath and makes our dogs smile brighter! Also, nails should be clipped whenever they can be heard clicking on the floor.

Llewellin Setter Activity Levels

The Llewellin Setters are not our typical house or lap dogs and like to take part in as many activities as they can lay their paws on! They like to be challenged both physically and mentally. For them to stay healthy and happy, it’s best to take them out for 45-minute long runs or vigorous exercises. We can take them on hunting trials or have them play fly ball for a change of pace and keep a handy dog whistle in case they run away too far.

Caring For Llewellin Setter

Llewellin Setters have an independent, authoritative, and amiable personality, so it’s best to let them explore and seek adventures wherever they can and also shower them with love when they’re in the mood to cuddle and express affection. They’re the best hunting partners, and they enjoy receiving praise after doing a good job, and there’s no doubt that they never disappoint!

Llewellin Setter Health

The Longhaired Whippets are very healthy dogs and are likely to live a full life without any danger of diseases. However, it’s always best to stay safe and keep an eye out for concerns like elbow dysplasia, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), atopic dermatitis, endocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), and panosteitis.

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