Mal-Shi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mal-Shi is a cross between the two most remarkable breeds. The first is the Maltese, and the second is the Chinese Shih-Tzu. Both of these are small breeds with similar physical appearances. The Mal-Shi inherits the best traits of both parents. It emanates an aura of regal poise and noble and intentions. You will learn soon enough why this breed deserves all of the love of its humans.

Mal-Shi History

Mal Shi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Mal-Shi is a mysterious breed, in the sense that we don’t know anything about it. However, we do know that the Maltese is one of its parents. The Maltese is an ancient breed, thought to predate the year 3500 B.C. The birth of this breed took place around present-day Malta. The breed was of noble origin and has remained a companion dog throughout its lifetime. This breed was further developed in England. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1888.

The Shih Tzu is a Chinese dog, sometimes even called the Saviour Lion Dog. The reason for that is its appearance, mainly its flowing mane. The Shih-Tzu, like the Maltese, has remained a good companion dog throughout its history. The breed has what you could call a healthy disposition. Therefore, it was worshipped throughout china. The most prominent version of this breed was the one tamed by Empress T’zu Hsi.

Mal-Shi Characteristics

This is a toy breed with toy parents, so the size of the Mal-Shi will remain consistent throughout the ages. The coat of the Mal-Shi will remain long and wavy throughout the ages. The coat of the Mal-Shi will have White, Black, and Brown. The eyes of the Mal-Shi will be almond-shaped. The color of the Mal-Shi’s eyes will be Amber and Brown.

How Big do Mal-Shi Get

The Mal-Shi is one of the smallest breeds in existence. The males and females will usually be 10 inches tall. This value may increase or decrease by an inch. The weight range will usually be 10 to 12 lbs for males and a small 6 to 8 lbs for females. You will have to be careful about the weight range because obesity is almost always ready to pounce upon it.

How Long Does Mal-Shi Live

The Mal-Shi will usually live between the ages of 12 and 15 years. The lifespan of the Mal-Shi can change based on multiple things. The most prominent factor is the genetic conditions that it may inherit from either side of the parents. Considering the health of the Mal-Shi, we believe that with just a bit of effort, it will live a considerably long life.

How Much Does a Mal-Shi Cost

The Mal-Shi will usually cost you a considerable sum. The reason for that is the rarity and the price of the parent breeds. Normally this breed will cost you more than 1400 dollars. The max price can rise to 2200 dollars. The region of the breeder and the health of your potential companion will considerably affect the price of this breed.

Mal-Shi Temperament/Personality

At this point, you should realize that there is no vicious side of the Mal-Shi. They are presently family canines. Couple the ridiculous agreeableness of the Maltese with the Shih-Tzu, and you have the ideal family breed. It’s practically incomprehensible for the Mal-Shi to be forceful. Indeed it’s somewhat defensive of its family. Thus strangers will have a hard time being a part of its life. It would be best if you socialized it from an early age to make things more agreeable.  

Preparing the Mal-Shi can turn out to be marginally tricky. The Mal-Shi will require innovative techniques and various immersive games to learn effectively. If the routines become repetitive and stretched out, it will lose all interest. It would be best to depend on Dog Treats and a ton of help from the Dog Training Book. We suggest being delicate and compassionate with its preparation. Consistency is the main thing when are preparing a variety like the Mal-Shi.

Caring for Mal-Shi

Like most small breeds, the Mal-Shi will require your assistance in maintaining its health. This section deals with all of the things you can do to keep your buddy happy and healthy.

Mal-Shi Nutrition

The Mal-Shi is a small breed and doesn’t need much food. Giving the Mal-Shi about two cups of food should be enough. You may use Merrick Dog Food and Pedigree Dog Food to make things much interesting for the Mal-Shi. If you don’t like the choices mentioned, then a look at the Dog Food section should help.

How to Groom a Mal-Shi

The Mal-Shi is a breed that requires daily grooming sessions. The coat of the Mal-Shi needs to be brushed every day; otherwise, you will find it tangling up very often. The coat of the Mal-Shi should be brushed with a Dog Shampoo. You should also bathe the Mal-Shi after two to three months. We would recommend not brushing it very often; otherwise, it will have irritated skin. The nails of the Mal-Shi will have to be trimmed after two to three weeks. It would be best if you brush its teeth as often as possible. 

Mal-Shi Activity Levels

The Mal-Shi will require about 40 to 50 minutes of daily exercise. Therefore, the exercise sessions should function as efficiently as possible. You can deliver the same amount of exercise in about 30 minutes if you use the right exercises. The second most important thing is to focus on mental exercises as well. Otherwise, the Mal-Shi will become disheartened and self-destructive.

Caring for Mal-Shi

The Mal-Shi will require some additional things. The first thing is keeping it safe from the torment of the summer sun. If you cannot keep the Mal-Shi safe from the sun, it will heat up quickly. The second most important thing is to keep it away from chocolaty condiments, alcohol, and garlic. If devoured, it can lead to poisoning and ultimately death.

Mal-Shi Health

The Mal-Shi is a hybrid breed, yet its immunity is top-notch. The reason for this could be closeness in the health and appearance of the two parent breeds. Nevertheless, the worst things that could come to attack your buddy are Patellar Luxation and various Dysplasia. Therefore, you will have to take care of the Mal-Shi by accounting for any deficiencies. It would be best if you did that by identifying and categorically eliminating any deficiencies with the help of supplements.

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