Malti-Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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What we have here is the pinnacle of cuteness. It’s not surprising because it’s a cross between the Maltese and the all too amazing Poodle. The Malti-Poo will have the lovely qualities of both of its parents. The friendliness of this breed will be off the charts. We can’t say that it’s the best choice for your family, because we don’t know the conditions or circumstances of your family. However, we can help you make that decision by giving all of the essential info on this breed.

Malti-Poo History

Malti Poo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThis modern designer breed has almost no history backing it up. We do know that it was conceived in the US. How do we understand it then? We can understand its purpose by going through the history of its parents. The Maltese is a beautiful breed, widely believed to be from Malta. The breed is also believed to be ancient. The breed has always remained a prominent family dog, mainly bred for companionship. It was registered with the AKC in 1963.

The Toy Poodle is a German breed. The general Poodle was a hunting dog. The main hunting experience of this breed revolved around waterfowl. It is also one of the reasons why it has such a resilient coat. After its popularity declined in Germany, the breed went to France. Here it was developed further into the current version. Finally, the AKC accepted the Poodle in 1886.

Malti-Poo Characteristics

The Malti-Poo can take the appearance of any parent breed. To say that there isn’t diversity in its appearance would be a major understatement. The coat will most likely be medium length. The coat colors will be Blue, Black, Grey, Fawn, Cream, and Blue. It will have small cute ears or long cute ears. The cuteness remains constant; all of the other things change. The eyes will be as mischievous and lively as they can be.

How Big do Malti-Poo Get

The Malti-Poo is a tiny little guy with a larger-than-life heart. The tallness range for the females will undoubtedly be the same as males in height. The mutual height range for this breed is 8 to 14 inches. The weight range is again 5 to 20 lbs for both males and females. Keeping the weight range within the range would be best.

How Long Does Malti-Poo Live

The average lifespan for this breed is 12 to 14 years. Yet with a bit of help, it will go up to 15 years and even 16 years. Of course, you will have to work painstakingly for that, but the effort is worth the extra time.

How Much Does a Malti-Poo Cost

The general cost will be between 500 dollars and 2500 dollars. The price can rise to 4000 dollars if the puppy has a sane pedigree. Of course, the health of your potential buddy plays a role in its price.

Malti-Poo Temperament/Personality

The Malti-Poo is like most small breeds, extremely social and needy. However, the Malti-Poo flourishes in stable and loving homes. It loves receiving the attention of its humans. Other pets will get along with it too. If you introduce pets properly at an early age, coexistence will be inevitable. As for being a hazard to anyone, it can’t harm anyone. 

Training the Malti-Poo won’t be a piece of cake. Yes, it may try to act all funny and cute, but you will have to be strong. Please do not fall for its over-the-top cuddliness. Training is vital for its peaceful and efficient coexistence. Therefore, we suggest utilizing a Dog Training Book. The utilization of Dog Treats combined with the Book will make your sessions more efficient and effective.

Caring for Malti-Poo

All of your more technical questions regarding the health and upbringing of the Malti-Poo will be answered below. However, the next few paragraphs should be enough to help you make the best decisions.

Malti-Poo Nutrition

It’s a small little boy/girl that doesn’t need much in its diet. Giving it nutritious food should be your primary concern. It would be best if you also were careful about the volume of the diet. A daily aggregate of more than a cup won’t do for this guy. Keeping its diet beneath one cup would be best.

How to Groom a Malti-Poo

It doesn’t shed much. Even if it did shed much, we see no reason for it to be concerning. It’s small enough to be easily manageable. You can get away with all of its grooming sessions in no more than 40 minutes. You only have to brush the coat and brush its teeth frequently. You will have to use a good Dog Brush to maintain its coat. The bathing sessions don’t have to be frequent. The use of a Dog Shampoo or a Puppy Shampoo is vital to keep its skin safe. You should also trim its nails to keep its paws paw-fect.  

Malti-Poo Activity Levels

The Malti-Poo requires an increased amount of activity for its size. However, you shouldn’t be scared by that statement because it only needs 40 minutes of daily exercise. You can easily manage that. Additionally, it’s all fun and games as long as the pent-up energy of the Malti-Poo is being tapped into.

Caring for Malti-Poo

The problem with small breeds is how often they become hurt. Why? Small dogs are often hurt unintentionally because of their fragile bodies. You should most importantly train the children in your house. Lecture them once or twice on why caution is necessary when handling this small dog baby. Love is another element for its healthy upbringing. Keep it loved and appreciated.

Malti-Poo Health

Mr. Bonsai here needs a lot of care with regards to its health. You ignore its health; nothing will happen, other than your buddy experiencing pain unimaginable. It’s of vital importance to understand that the Malti-Poo has compromised immunity. It’s already weak, and if you ignore its health on top of that, things won’t turn out well. You will have to look out for Eye Conditions, Skin Conditions, Blood Conditions, Joint Conditions, and Ear Problems.

Commonly, you will have to be extra careful about having it in the vet’s office. Regularity and consistency are the two most important things. In addition, you can personally help maintain its health by giving it a proper diet. Along with that, exercise for it mentally and physically will also better its position on the immunity spectrum.

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