Mauzer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Small and cute is the best definition of this breed. It has one of the loveliest demeanors, which is self-explanatory because of its parents. The Miniature Schnauzer and the Maltese do a brilliant job of passing the best traits on to the Mauzer. The reason for that is again the boundless love that courses through its heart. You will learn a lot more about this lovely breed in the next few paragraphs.

Mauzer History

Mauzer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Mauzer is a cross between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Maltese. We will analyze both of these parent breeds to understand the Mauzer better. The Maltese is a breed believed to be ancient. The birthplace of this breed is quite evident from its name. Yes, the Maltese was born in Malta, according to leading experts. This brave little dog has remained an active companion dog throughout the centuries. At some point, it became widely desired by nobles and elite classes.

The Miniature Schnauzer began its reign and journey from the lands of Europe. Rodents and other vermin often plagued the sprawling greenery of European farmland. The Miniature Schnauzer became the leading eradicator of these vermin. Its friendly personality further increased its status as a family dog. The AKC recognizes it along with various other organizations. 

Mauzer Characteristics

The appearance of the Mauzer can vary based on the dominant genes. Normally the puppies will have a medium-long coat. The cuddly appearance of the parents should be present abundantly in the offspring. The texture of the coat should be wavy and soft. The ears of the Mauzer will be medium length and slightly folded. The muscle definition of the Mauzer will be normal as reflected in its weight.

How Big do Mauzer Get

The male Mauzer will usually be 12 to 13 inches tall. The females will be 10 to 13 inches tall. The weight range for males will be 13 to 20 lbs. The females will be 17 to 20 lbs heavy. The weight range is best kept between the normal ranges. Anything beyond the ranges will lead to a lot of health problems.

How Long Does Mauzer Live

The Mauzer will generally live somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 years old. Broadening the life expectancy of the Mauzer with a proper diet is easy and achievable. You can undoubtedly stretch out its life expectancy to 16 years. The genetic conditions or weaknesses that your buddy faces also play a vital role in its lifespan.

How Much Does a Mauzer Cost

The Mauzer will most likely cost you a figure between 400 and 900 dollars. Determining a more accurate price range is difficult because of its lack of availability. The price is also highly volatile for this breed due to numerous determining factors. The main factor is its health and the credibility of the breeder.

Mauzer Temperament/Personality

From both of its parents, we can understand a few simple facts about this breed. First of all, it’s a breed meant to be loved. The strong affection that it experiences rubs off on everyone around it, the right way. Putting it bluntly, you just can’t hate this breed even if you want to. It will love being around children, though its small size may put it at risk of getting hurt. It would be best if you gave it proper socialization to induce confidence into its personality.

Training the Mauzer should be simple enough. You can get away with training it even if you are a first-time owner. It does experience sudden strokes of stubbornness, but a few Dog Treats will help you get over that. If you need guidance, then a Dog Training Book will help you brilliantly. Again it shouldn’t be that hard.


Caring for Mauzer

The section below is perhaps the most important part because it will help you understand your companion’s needs better.

Mauzer Nutrition

This is a small breed and doesn’t require much to eat. As long as the food is healthy and tasty, it will love it. It would be best if you didn’t give it more than one cup of food daily. You may be tempted to give it more, but remember you have a responsibility to maintain its health.

How to Groom a Mauzer

The Mauzer doesn’t need much when it comes to the primary grooming routines. You will only have to brush its coat about three times per week. The coat of the Mauzer may be brushed more often in warm weather to reduce misplaced shedding. It would be best if you also were careful about how often you bathe this breed. Ideally, bathing it after two months should be enough. Finally, trim its nails and brush its teeth.

Mauzer Activity Levels

The Mauzer is an active breed, especially for its size. It would be best to give it no less than an hour of your daily time for its activities. We recommend taking your pal to a recreational area, such as a park. The use of a Leash for Dogs that Pull should be ensured to reduce the risk of it getting lost. The Mauzer tends to be easily attracted by anything in the open.

Caring for Mauzer

Indeed some things will make your journey with the Mauzer safer and more pleasant. First of all, keep it close to you. We recommend getting a Dog Bed to keep it inside the house. The main thing is keeping it near you to prevent separation anxiety from developing. Apart from that, it would be best if you tried to keep its ears clean. The use of a Dog Ear Cleaner will do the trick for you.  Genuinely the ear infections that it tends to develop are absolutely nasty.

Mauzer Health

The Mauzer is a small hybrid. You probably already know where this is going. The Mauzer will face a lot of conditions that will threaten its health and life altogether. The general list will include Cataracts, Retinal Dysplasia, Kidney stones, Liver Problems, Reverse Sneezing, and Tracheal Collapse. What can you do?

First of all, do not panic. Secondly, take your buddy on that well-deserved trip to the vet’s office. Again, professional guidance is vital in the Mauzer’s case. Third, you have to give it a big chunk of examinations. These will help identify any potential lacks before they become a major threat. Finally, try to give it a healthy lifestyle through proper diet.

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