Mi-Ki Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mi-Ki is an extremely small and beautiful dog that can be your little buddy. Mostly, they are considered toy dogs because of their tiny height. However, irrespective of being yappy, this cuteness cane is human-friendly and easy-going. So, if you are looking for a toy dog to play with your children or provide company to you in loneliness, then you should need to buy a Mi-Ki. For your convenience, we have provided outright information about this wonderful breed in this article.

Mi-Ki History

Mi Ki Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowMi-Ki dog breed was flourished at the end of the 1980s. Many people believe that this breed was grown in Asia for the first time, but a large population believes it was developed in the United States. It is speculated that a dog breeder from the US named Micki Mackin crossed Japanese Chin, Maltese, and Papillon to get the dog with desired qualities of these dogs.

Also, this little hybrid was named after its breeder’s name as Mi-Ki. Mi-Ki dog breed is contemplated as a new breed that is still in its growing process; that is why many dog clubs didn’t register it officially as a dog breed. Nevertheless, the future of Mi-Ki is scrutinized to be safe because of its beauty and qualities.

Mi-Ki Characteristics

The Mi-Ki is highly is best for a single person and a family full of members. They hold a large volume of affection in them and may help you to get out of depression. They have a small feathered head with long ears. These dogs are designated with short legs and an extended tail, always standing up.

How Big to Mi-Ki Get

Mi-Ki is the pick of the bunch for those people who love tiny dogs. The overall weight of this canine ranges from 6 to 10 pounds, while it gets a height of only 11 inches. This dog’s short demeanor may help you carry it in your hands or a dog carrier when it gets tired of walking.

How Long Does Mi-Ki Live

Your Mi-Ki is tremendously a long-living dog, but some ailments may decrease your dog’s life expectancy. For the most part, a Mi-Ki dog lives between 13 to 15 years. However, if you take care of your dog, there is a high chance of getting more than the average life span.

How Much Does a Mi-Ki Cost

Generally, a Mi-Ki pup costs about 3000$. It is not a very high price for lovers of this breed. It will help if you note that an adult canine of this variety is slightly pricier than a puppy.

Mi-Ki Temperament/Personality

Mi-Ki dogs love children. Different plays and visits to the canine parks. These outgoing dogs are not suitable for people who want to adopt watchdogs as they take no time to get friendly with strangers. Owing to their small size high activity levels, we recommend you using some tracking device like GPS Tracker for Dogs to track this little puppy at any time when you want.

Mi-Kis are not aggressive and are very patient. They love outdoor walks or plays, but you should need to care about them outside as their size is very small. These are very loyal and human-friendly canines. It is a dog that craves human companionship and does not enjoy being left alone. Therefore, he can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods, so keep that in mind if you travel a good bit.

Caring for Mi-Ki

We conveyed all about a Mi-Ki dogs’ personality, cost, or appearance above. You should take care of your doggy because this will please it and helps you to get better company from it. Now we have to discuss some health, grooming, nutrition, or activity levels of your Mi-Ki dog.

Mi-Ki Nutrition

A Mi-Ki is a bouncy and highly active dog, which makes it requiring about 1 cup of healthy dog food a day to keep its activities up. It is suggested to use Food for Small Dogs and Dry Dog Food for the daily meal of your doggy. Being a little dog, it has fewer dietary needs, which makes them cost-friendly. You are also suggested to keep in touch with a canine’s nutritionist.

How to Groom a Mi-Ki

The Mi-Kis with dark colors don’t require too much maintenance, but white-colored Mi-Ki dogs require proper cleaning and brushing their coats. It is suggested to brush your dog with a soft brush once a week to keep it attractive and pretty. In addition, we recommend you to use a Puppy Shampoo to bath and take it to the sunshine after a bath so that the coat is properly dried.

Mi-Ki Activity Levels

Mi-Kis are suitable for apartment and condo living. This doggo loves to wander in your home to check that what the whole family is doing. It also likes to go outside and to meet your neighbors, strangers, and children. Giving your Mi-Ki Puzzle Toys for Dogs may help it to remain pleased with you.

Caring for Mi-Ki

Taking care of a small-sized dog breed is not so easy as you think. Mi-Ki dogs are sensitive to the environment and are the inhabitants of moderate environments. Therefore, these dogs are adopted to an environment in which they easily grow.

Your dog’s health is based on its proper cleaning, brushing, eating, activities, and many other factors. So, to keep it active, energetic, and sharp, you should take care of these aspects.

Mi-Ki Health

Mi-Ki is a healthy dog, but it is prone to many diseases. Hypoglycemia is a serious health issue with this breed. Giving small meals regularly will help you to keep it safe from this disease. If you feel your pup lazy, dizzy, or not well, you should contact the vet immediately. Proper monitoring of the Mi-Ki dog’s health is very important because it increases your dog’s longevity.

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