Mini Fox Pinscher Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mini Fox Pinscher is a relatively new hybrid of the Mini Fox Terrier and the Miniature Pinscher. We don’t know its place or time of origin, but we know all of this information about his parent breeds. It is a small, energetic, and smart dog that combines the qualities of two amazing dogs.

Taking his small size, he can adjust more easily to apartment living and is more suited as a companion dog rather than a working dog. However, you must know that this dog is a vocalist, so you will need to check and see how your neighbors react to the frequent barking before making a final decision.

Mini Fox Pinscher History

Mini Fox Pinscher Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWe are looking at the history of Mini Fox Pinscher’s parents as we do in the case of other hybrid dogs. The Miniature Fox Terrier, a small-sized terrier, was bred in England in the late 1700s. It was used to hunt rats and various vermin. Its progeny contains Italian Greyhound, Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, and little dog breeds like Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua. The two-wire and smooth versions of Mini Foxie were recognized with the AKC in 1879.

On the other hand, the Miniature Pinscher, also known as the Zwergpinscher, and Min Pin, is a small breed of dog that originated in Germany centuries ago. The old artifacts and frescoes mark this dog’s appearance and prove an ancient dog breed. The earliest dogs to be added to this dog’s progeny were German Pinscher and Italian greyhounds, and dachshunds. In 1929 the AKC recognized it officially as a breed.

Mini Fox Pinscher Characteristics

The Mini Fox Pinscher is a small-sized dog that may vary in looks and size depending on the dominancy of the parent genetics. It has a flat skull with large erect ears, curious eyes, and a daintily tapered muzzle that ends in a black, brown, or Isabella nose. The coat is smooth, the tail curled over its back, and the teeth meet in a scissors bite.

How Big to Mini Fox Pinscher Get

The Miniature Schnaupin is a medium-to-small pup, around 9-11 inches in height, and weighs between 6-10 lbs. The female dogs are slightly smaller than their male counterparts.

How Long Does Mini Fox Pinscher Live

The pet parents may think about the inevitable loss of their beloved pet, and it compels them to ask that how long will their dog live?” Mini Fox Pinscher can live a life of 14-16 years under suitable living conditions.

How Much Does a Mini Fox Pinscher Cost

Mini Fox Pinscher is an unusual breed, so you’ll need to do your research to find it. However, you can budget anywhere from $500, and don’t be surprised to see prices around the $1000 mark from a reputable breeder.

Mini Fox Pinscher Temperament/Personality

Mini Fox Pinscher has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde temperament; they can be sweet and friendly with their owners, but they can be aggressive toward newcomers. However, if you socialize them properly in their puppyhood, then they are not shy or aggressive of strangers.

You will find this little doggo the happiest when it gets a healthy dose of daily snuggling in addition to exercise. It rarely barks, and when it does, you must know that it tries to alert you of anything. Easygoing with children and other pets, this hybrid can be a good choice for your companion pet. It loves variety and fun in training lessons and responds well to a positive tone.

Caring for Mini Fox Pinscher

Mini Fox Pinscher needs a good investment of time and energy from its owners. Flea collars can be a good choice for this canine as it is designed to kill fleas. But, first, let’s look at its needs and requirements like diet, exercise, training possibilities, and grooming.

Mini Fox Pinscher Nutrition

The stomach of your little Mini Fox Pinscher is also small. One cup full of Organic Dog Food is sufficient to meet its dietary needs. Therefore, this pup is certainly much less expensive to feed than other breeds out there. It naturally appears skinny, although it gains weight quickly if it is overfed.

How to Groom a Mini Fox Pinscher

Mini Fox Pinscher requires minimum maintenance as it is blessed with smooth shorts.  Brushing twice a week is sufficient to keep away loose hair matts and tangles. Bathing is on a need-only basis, using a mild Dog Shampoo to maintain the body’s natural oils.

Mini Fox Pinscher Activity Levels

Mini Fox Pinscher requires moderate exercise amounting to 30 to 45 minutes of daily activity.  It is an active dog but small to medium; this does not equal hours a day needed for walking. They have a lot of nervous energy that can build up if not used, which leads to stress and anxiety.

Caring for Mini Fox Pinscher

It is best to give your Mini Fox Pinscher a trip to the dog park for better socialization. It is a seasonal shedder and needs daily brushing in shedding seasons like spring or fall. These pups also love toys, particularly Interactive Dog Toys, and are happy to play indoors with their owners.

You can also give them an Automatic Fetch Machine seeing their love for balls. Unfortunately, the smooth coat of Mini Fox Pinscher cannot handle weather extremes well, so you should keep it inside in extremely hot or cold and use a Dog Sweater when the weather is frosty.

Mini Fox Pinscher Health

Mini Fox Pinscher enjoys a healthy life with fewer health concerns. However, like all other dogs, it always has inherited issues that you need to look out for. The common concerns in Mini Fox Pinscher are Patellar Luxation, Lens Luxation, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, Cataracts, Allergies, Hypothyroidism, Mitral Valve Disease, Corneal Dystrophy, and Ear Infections. Regular veterinary visits can keep your pup away from these diseases.

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