Mini Poxer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mini Poxer is a crossbreed between the Pug and Miniature Fox Terrier. These hybrids are small in size but have medium energy levels. However, these dogs may be stubborn or difficult to train – so they might not be best suited for new dog owners. The Mini Poxer is a breed of Terrier that needs lots of human companionships as it grows up. Owners can expect to spend tons of time with their pup as they’re known for being very lively and cheerful.

Mini Poxer History

Mini Poxer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Mini Poxer is a designer mix between the Pug and the Miniature Fox Terrier. The original pup was developed in Australia 200 years ago by combining two foxes: one of them being more like a dog while the other closer to what we know as “pug.” The Toy Fox Terrier is a small-sized terrier from Australia in the 1800s. These dogs were produced by crossing the little Smooth Fox Terrier with Manchester Terrier. The offspring of this cross were further bred with Whippets, Miniature Pinscher, English Toy Terriers, and Italian Greyhounds.

The Pug is an ancient breed with roots in China and, though it was introduced to Europe during the 1500s by trade routes. The dog made its way across oceans of water on boats until finally arriving in America after a long journey that took place over decades. Finally, in 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized them as their official breed.

Mini Poxer Characteristics

Mini Poxer is a rare, small hybrid with an obedient and loyal personality. It has a broad head to show its strength, while the squarish muzzle shows determination in any situation. The teeth meet in a scissor bite so that it won’t hurt anyone. Its ears are semi- or fully flopped and can be a little wiry, too, just like this breed’s coat which lies flat against their frame rather than being long from fur length.

How Big to Mini Poxer Get

The fully grown-up male and female Mini Poxers weigh approximately 10 – 18 lbs while the height ranges from 9 – 11 inches at withers. A female dog is slightly smaller than her male counterpart, so if you’re looking to buy one, make sure you know which gender you are interested in.

How Long Does Mini Poxer Live

Twelve to fifteen years is a long time to spend with an animal companion. And that’s why you and your furry friend need to connect on every level: mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It will only help them live longer because when they’ll be happier!

How Much Does a Mini Poxer Cost

Mini Poxers range from $450 to over $2000, and you’ll have a lot of other costs on top as well, such as food, health, grooming, etc. Some of your investments also go to other necessary stuff like Dog Crate, Dog Bowl, Dog House, etc.

Mini Poxer Temperament/Personality

The Mini Poxer is a small, less aggressive breed with the heart of two very loving breeds. It can be an excellent family dog and has no time for shyness or aggression. If given enough snuggles from its humans, it will make them feel like kings.

Mini Poxer is a loving, social dog that will be best suited for kids. However, mini Poxers need to be treated with kid gloves because they can get scared and snap if mishandled or frightened by rough hands. They are usually active too but should have plenty of room in either an apartment or house yard, so it doesn’t become restless from boredom when alone while owners work during the day.

Caring for Mini Poxer

The Mini Poxer is a small but energetic pup that thrives on high-quality dog food, whether it’s commercially made or home-cooked. It takes little time to maintain because of its adaptability and needs very little attention from you.

Mini Poxer Nutrition

Mini Poxer won’t eat too much, but feed him the best food you have. If that’s not enough for your pup, try adding some meat or Wet Dog Food to help with nutrition. To keep their teeth healthy and reduce oral bacteria, it would be best to give them Dental Chew.

How to Groom a Mini Poxer

The Mini Poxer is a playful, smart little thing with its sense of style. They need to be brushed three times a week and trimmed every three months for their coat but bathing occasionally. Clipping nails will make this pup seem like nothing at all.

Mini Poxer Activity Levels

Mini Poxer is an agile and highly active dog that needs at least an hour of strenuous exercise daily. It can accommodate apartment life for its smaller size, but outside walks are necessary to meet their playful nature. This dog loves going to the dog park, where it gets plenty of opportunities to play with other doggies.

Caring for Mini Poxer

The Mini Poxer is a small dog that needs to be groomed regularly and maintained with all the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, this pet can’t handle harsh weather conditions, so you’ll need to take care of them during the winter or summer months! You may want to consider getting a dog sweater to protect your pup from catching colds.

Dogs require a lot of attention. You need to train them from when they are puppies so that they don’t chase down small animals and be sure to socialize with other dogs often, and make sure you groom your pup after intervals for hair trimming and premium grooming at the professional dog shop.

Mini Poxer Health

Mini Poxer is not just cute and smart but also healthy. He has few ailments, including Elbow Dysplasia, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Cataracts, ear infections, and Glaucoma, all curable or manageable.

Your doggy will be healthy and fit so long as you keep all their routine checkups, overall grooming for ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.

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