Mini Schnauzer Chin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

As the offspring of Japanese Chin and Miniature Schnauzer, the Mini Schnauzer Chin is a spritely little dog full of curiosity and love. This hybrid is considered a great family pet as it forms strong bonds with everyone in the family. The small size, furry coat, erect ears, and curious eyes make this breed looks adorable. While it is friendly towards children, but will not tolerate abuse even if it is unintentional. So, it would help if you taught your kids to treat the pup nicely before bringing one home. The additional tips of the pup’s care are listed in this article in detail.

Mini Schnauzer Chin History

Mini Schnauzer Chin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBecause the Mini Schnauzer Chin is a relatively new breed, we don’t know much about their specific origin history. However, we do know a decent amount about its parent breeds. The Miniature Schnauzer originated in the mid-19th Century. The breeders crossed the Standard Schnauzer with small breeds like Miniature Pinscher Affenpinscher, Pomeranian, and Poodle to produce this little version. This German Terrier and was especially used for hunting rats and guard farms. The American Kennel Club was official registered in 1926.

The Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel was prized among the Imperial nobility of Japan. The Japanese court was equally besotted with this adorable silky-haired dog breed. Although this dog originated in China, it later made its way to Japan and ultimately came to the West until the 19th Century. In 1853 it was found in America, and the American Kennel Club registered it officially as a breed in 1888.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Characteristics

The Mini Schnauzer Chin is smaller in size with a furry yet compact body with both little-sized parents. It has erect ears that either fold slightly at the tips or stand straight up. The nose is usually black but may be brown in lighter-colored dogs. The tail can either be long or short naturally and curves up a little over the back. Further, this doggy is characterized by a slight beard, squarish muzzle, bushy eyebrows, and short legs.

How Big to Mini Schnauzer Chin Get

Mini Schnauzer Chin is around 12-18 inches in height and weighs between 10-25 lbs. The female is comparatively smaller, weighing around 8-23 lbs. standing 11-17 inches.

How Long Does Mini Schnauzer Chin Live

The average lifespan of Mini Schnauzer Chin is around 13 to 15 years. As long as the pup is provided with the healthy and right food, adequate exercise levels to burn up energy, and good health keep up, it can increase its longevity.

How Much Does a Mini Schnauzer Chin Cost

When searching for a Mini Schnauzer Chin, ensure the breed of both parents by asking to see their registration papers. You can also conduct Dog DNA Test to confirm its lineage. Remember, only a reputable, and responsible breeder will show you all this stuff.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Temperament/Personality

Mini Schnauzer Chin is a great family dog as it gets on well with everyone. It can also be a wonderful companion so and lap dog as it loves to snuggle. It is good with children, although both the pup and the children should be taught how to play nicely and respectfully.

This fun dog is more than capable of giving you quality time and loves to interact and entertain. These canines are eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train. However, they may be hesitant to become friends with strangers and require early socialization and patience training to overcome this concern.

Caring for Mini Schnauzer Chin

Like all other pups, the Mini Schnauzer needs immense care and supervision, especially when outside. Here we will look at his needs and requirements to help you decide on whether to give this puppy a forever home with your family.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Nutrition

Mini Schnauzer Chin can be a little picky at food so if you find that it is not eating the meals, try adding a little bit of warm water or low-sodium chicken broth to his Dry Dog Food. You can also use Dog Food toppings to make this little buddy more enticing. Moreover, opt for foods with fish oils and antioxidants essential for a healthy coat and skin.

How to Groom a Mini Schnauzer Chin

Mini Schnauzer Chin is an easily groomed canine, and grooming will help remove allergens and distribute natural oils on the dog’s skin. Brush a few times per week using special Toothbrushes for Dogs, and Dog Tooth Pastes to make your little doggy love its teeth brushing. Also, the long hair around the ears may trap dirt, so clean regularly.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Activity Levels

Mini Schnauzer Chin is a low activity canine and fulfills its energy needs by roaming around in the house. The owner must ascertain that this pup gets enough exercise to remain fit and away from weight gain. Keeping your hybrid mentally challenged is also necessary to keep it away from behavioral issues. Obedience and agility training helps in this area.

Caring for Mini Schnauzer Chin

Mini Schnauzer Chin is an easily groomed and easily trained pup with little energy needs. This intelligent furry being needs mental stimulation as much as it requires physical exercise. It is known to become obese easily, so controlling diet and exercise is a must.

It will help if you avoid extra treats and meals to prevent obesity and bloat. It can be stubborn when it comes to training, so you must be a firm trainer to teach tricks, potty train, or make your pup obey simple commands. With lots of patience, consistency, and rewards, results will follow.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Health

Mini Schnauzer Chin is susceptible to Portosystemic Shunt, Sick Sinus Syndrome, Eye Conditions (Cataracts, Lens Luxation), Entropion, Ectropion, and Infections. Fortunately, it is much less likely to fall prey to these health issues than purebred parents. Nevertheless, a regular veterinary visit and health checkup is crucial to keep your pup safe from any wellbeing concern.

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